OBITUARY: Olive Brewster

The funeral of Olive Brewster took place at St Margaret’s Church, Langton recently; followed by burial in the Churchyard.

Olive was the youngest daughter of Arthur and Jessie Davison and was born at Moat Farm Cumberworth.

She attended Mumby School and Alford Secondary School before starting work as a secretary with the Alford Drainage Board where she worked for Norman Brewster.

She subsequently went to work for the River Board at Sutton on Sea and the 1953 flood saw Olive working in Alford again as the office in Sutton on Sea was flooded and it was at that time she met her future husband David Brewster.

They were married at Cumberworth Church in 1959 and began married life at New Bolingbroke.

Olive started work for Bush Tyres in New Bolingbroke and went on to become Company Secretary and that work continued for over 20 years after the firm moved to Horncastle, to where Olive and David had also moved.

Olive, who was 85 years of age, passed away at Lincoln County Hospital after a stroke. The family are hugely grateful for the superb care which Olive received whilst in The Stroke Unit there and donations from her funeral, which amounted to more than £1,000, are to be divided between the Stroke Unit and St Margaret’s Church.

Olive leaves husband David, son Paul and his wife Joanne and grandchildren Charles, Victoria and George.

The funeral service was conducted by Rev Andrew Smith, assisted by Canon Sally Smithson. Alan Underwood was organist.

Family Mourners: David Brewster (Husband), Paul & Joanne Brewster (Son and wife), Charles Brewster, Victoria Brewster, George Brewster (Grandchildren), Nina Taylor 
(Niece) representing Graham Taylor ,Mandy Chapman (Great Niece), Stephen Taylor (Great Nephew), Nina Short (Great Great Niece), Nicholas & Lisa Thompson (Great Nephew & Wife) ,Graham & Libby Brewster( Nephew & Wife) , John & Anne English (Niece & Husband), Richard Brewster (Nephew) also representing Anne Brewster, Carol Thompson and Grenville, Pauline & 
Bert Demeyer, (step Niece and husband) Jean & Nev Dobbs (Step Niece & Husband).

Mourners: Mr & Mrs P Willcox, Ian & Emma Read, Carol Teft, Joan Brown, Jonathan Duncan (Rep Anne Duncan), John & Shirley Read, Kevin & Barbara Roberts, Graham & Sue Damms, Peter Coupland, Tony & Joyce Asher, Judy Turner, Norman Chapman, Roland Elliot, Geoff & Susan Leadbetter (Rep Lincoln Diocesan Advisory Committee), Mr & Mrs N Lamyman, Gemma Myers (rep Robert & Max Myers), Robert & Sally Belton, (Rep Hollie Belton & Mr & Mrs A Bell), Brian Long, Barry & Doreen Ely, Pam Read (rep Robert & Sarah Read & Sarah & Tim Lamyman), Mrs Shirley Hanson, Margaret & Barrie Horton (rep Karen & Jonathan), Mr & Mrs J Steadman, Nev Tointon (rep Carol Tointon), Tracey, Russell, Joshua & Esme Lintin (also rep Mrs K Hodson), Mr & Mrs Iain Mcnab, Peter & Carol Spittlehouse (rep Jacqui Vear & Julie Marshman), Roy Needham, Mrs A Carmichael( rep Zen & Maureen Stanley), Gill & Ken Nicholson, Carol & Peter Houldershaw, Mr & Mrs Ron Oldham, Mr & Mrs John Weeks, Sally Smithson (rep John Smithson), Jessie & Nigel Parker, Michael & Hilary Carter (rep Mr & Mrs Russell Hirst), Miss Zoe Vickers, Mrs Shirley Oliver, Maureen & Keith Baguley, Joyce Barlow, Andrew Bembridge, Pauline Farrow, Michael & Elizabeth Buttler, Beryl Edwards, Ash Buckingham, George Hughes (rep Carol Hughes & Rachel & Kevin Fletcher), Josie Chapman, Ken Mair, Mick & Betty Harness, Tony Hancock, Sue Bush (rep Nigel Bush), Jayne & David Dawson, Beverley & Pat Whittaker, Andrew Brocklehurst & Christine Thompson (rep Katie & Lily), Jean & Tony Wilkinson (rep Lynne & Philip Patrick), David Laking, Pat & Len Blades, Peter & Doreen Rowland (rep Judy Reiz & Antony Rowland), Suzanne & Ian Russell, John Watts, Brian & Liz Barnes, John & June Sexty, Michael Sexty & Annette, Peter & Wendy Melton and others.