OBITUARY: Norman Sharp

A long-time Belchford resident, Norman Arthur Ernest Sharp, died suddenly at the age of 86 after being admitted to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital,

Norman, who lived in Belchford from the age of four, was born in Martin in 1928.

He met his wife of almost 64 years, Mollie, when they started school in Belchford when they were both five years old.

They became inseparable during their teens, becoming engaged at 18 and married at 22 and 21 y respectively.

After starting work as a labourer at the age of 14, Norman became an apprentice at Friskneys and later set up his own garage business in Belchford.

He was always willing to help or advise, whenever he could, especially with matters related to vehicle maintenance and repairs - even after closing his business and taking up employment, first with Burgh Construction Company and later with Lincolnshire County Council.

A keen footballer in his younger days, Norman was goalkeeper for Belchford United for a number of years and actively supported the development of junior football teams in the village.

He was a keen gardener and photographer. He and Mollie also enjoyed caravanning with friends and spent many happy weekends touring various areas of the country, visiting festivals and shows.

Along with Mollie, he contributed in various ways to the community in Belchford, helping to raise funds through running bingos and catering for dance suppers which helped towards a new village hall, which he also helped to build.

The funeral service was held in St Peter and St Paul Parish Church. It was followed by cremation at Alford Crematorium.

Reverend Jon Wright officiated throughout.

Family mourners were: Mollie Sharp (wife); Christine and Steve Seymour (daughter and son-in-law) Steven and Marian Sharp (son and daughter-in-law); grandchildren David, Gemma, Vicki, Mathew, Jonathan and Carrie with their respective partners Carly, Mark, Phill, Christie, Chloe and Jack together with Carol (ex-daughter-in-law), Gordon Sharp (brother); John and Eileen Sharp (brother and sister-in-law); Joan and Pete Waters (sister and brother-in-law); Gladys and Rob Wilson (sister and brother-in-law); Ruth and Mick Patrick (sister and brother-in-law); Roley and Venetia Sharp (brother and sister-in-law); David and Marjorie Sharp (brother and sister-in-law); Nieces – Wendy, Tina, Paula, Elaine, Sandra, Dinah, Amanda, Fiona (representing Derek and Morag Shaw), Sally (representing Richard, Adam, Bob and Becky), Frances with husband Dougie Blythe, Margaret with husband Alan, Kay with husband Alistair, Julia with husband Jonathan, Jane (niece-in-law). Nephews – Doug (representing wife Wendy), Mick (representing wife Mrs D Shaw), Stephen (representing wife Rachel), Kevin (representing family).

Other mourners were:Marilyn Cotton (representing Pete and family); Mr and Mrs D Ward; Robert Ward; Mr and Mrs R Patchett; Mr and Mrs Fairburn; Mr and Mrs T Mowbray; Mr and Mrs B Waite; Mr and Mrs G B Needham; Mr and Mrs B Williams; Mr and Mrs Joe Jacklin (representing Mr and Mrs E Young and Mr and Mrs Ladlow); Mr and Mrs Roberts; Mrs Tina Thompson; Wendy and Derek Ablett; Janet and Brian Fisher; Mr D Clawson (representing Mrs Clawson and Mr M Baumber); David Marwood; Roy and Marjorie Marshall; Mr and Mrs T Bark; Gus Harrison (representing Jean); Pamela Leach (representing Melvin); Mr and Mrs Renshaw; Eileen Burrell; John Marwood

(representing Brenda); Mrs Mary Abbott (representing family); Mrs P Martin; Mr and Mrs B Urrey; Sue Murfin (representing the Village Hall committee); Tracey Burt; Maia and Kieran; Michael Dean (representing Mick and Matthew); Elaine and Stuart Roberts (representing family); Tina Brooks, Martin and Sidney; Mr D Littleworth (representing Family and Mrs B Baxter); Mrs Rodwell (representing Hemingby Village Hall); Mr and Mrs Leeman; Janice and Aubrey Dilks; Mr and Mrs G Ward; Mr and Mrs B Ward (representing family); Angela Bonnett; Mr and Mrs D Briggs; Mo and Shirley Wilkinson (representing A and P Pell and Pauline Fixter); Bob and Kath (representing Madge Jacklin and Neil); Shirley Todd (representing Eileen Shaw);

Simon and Wendy Shelbourn (representing Luke and Jake); Mr and Mrs Bean; Jill, Jon and Jay Newby; Mrs R Littleworth (representing Miranda and Richard); Mr and Mrs P Proctor (representing Alice); Jackie Allan; Maggie Kublick; Anne and Tony Clark; Kay Thompson; Peter Thompson; Sheila and Peter Hughes; Linda Martin; Yvonne Steadman (representing John and Rob); Mr and Mrs Black; Mr Beatle-Towse; Mr R Wilkinson; Elaine Savage (representing Mr and Mrs Hodson).