Obituary: Michael Toyne

Mick Toyne EMN-160829-123712001
Mick Toyne EMN-160829-123712001

The funeral service for Michael Toyne, 78, of West Ashby, was held at the parish church.

Mick was born in West Ashby and lived there all his life.

On leaving the grammar school, Mick went to work as an engineer with Achurch & Sons.

In 1986, he started his own business in West Ashby, retiring in 2013.

Mick enjoyed shooting and fishing and was a member of the Poacher Motorcycle Club in Spilsby.

He also had a love of music and enjoyed playing the organ.

Mick died at home in West Ashby after a long illness.

Mourners at the service in All Saints’ Church were: Jean Toyne (wife); Jo and Jamie Wilderspin (daughter and son-in-law); Ellie, Jemma and Sophie (grandchildren); Derek Toyne and Eleanor (brother and wife); Peggy Dring (sister); Francis Smyth (sister); Margaret and Geoff Phillips (sister and brother-in-law); Robert Neal (nephew, rep Tina Butler, niece); Ian Braithwaite (nephew, rep Sharon, niece); Mr and Mrs G Kane (niece, rep Mr Jack Barnard); Kevin and Patricia Dring, Sonia and Charles Pennell, Duncan Burton, Sharon Pinkett, Robert and William Pinkett, Mark and Alison Phillips, Chloe, Jonathan, Holly, Paul and Colette Phillips, Lee Willerton, Sue Roberts (nephews and nieces); Kate Phillips and Hannah Phillips (niece and daughter); Walter and Mandy Burton (brother-in-law and wife); Paul and Heather Briggs, Carol Dickins, David and Mo Briggs, Iris and Geoff Sutton, Simon Sutton (rep Maxine Kent), John and Cee Boyall, Catherine Quin Liven (cousins); Richard Weller, Paula and Ashley Teal , Deanna and Danny Stewart (family); Nathan Wright and James Parkinson; Ray Weightman; Mr and Mrs Wilmshurst; Bob Fletcher; Ernie Veall; June and Walt Tempest; June Lowe; Ron Lines; Pete Cotton; Robert Bell (rep Becky Bell); Peter and Helena Smith (rep Mortons of Horncastle); Rita and Len Perryman (rep Family); Iris and Jeff Sutton; Mr and Mrs Frick (rep P & E Frick and Sons); Michael Bradley; Ian Hornsby; Stephen and Eileen Thurlow; Mr and Mrs Dick Read; Jonathan Read; Anne Schofield (rep Nick, Avril, Jonathan and Joe Schofield); Mr and Mrs D Richardson; Fred Parker; Barry Poucher (rep John and Polly Crossley); Linda and Tony Pearce (rep Fay, Keith and Families, Margaret Skayman and Family); Barbara Morris; John Read (rep Shirley Read); Ian Read (rep Emma Read); Martin and Jessica Read; Peter Hogg (rep Mrs Hogg); Norman and Jenny Lea; T H and B Scholey; Mr Bowser ; Jonathan Merivale; Julian Basford; Norman Oliver; Helen Potton; John Needham; Mr and Mrs B Lowther; Derek Mallett; Jill Bryant; John Bryant (rep Charles Baxter, Greetham Farming Company); Ben Fowler; Andrew Read; Mr and Mrs J Janney; Richard and Jane Mosdell; Tim North and ; Linda McNally; Malc Dean; Steven Dean; Andrew and Sue Tuxworth; Ian Potton (rep Stephen Ireland); Mr and Mrs Hardy; Mr and Mrs L Bark (rep J Bark); Mr Moore and Sheelagh; Tim and Jenny Bryant; Julie Stanley (rep Harry and Sylvia); John Simons (rep Kay); Adrian and Dale Simons; Michael Read (rep F E Read and Son); Bill Waite; John Mold; Malcolm Hickson; Maurice Portas; Trevor Young, Steve Perry and Robert Perry (rep Omex); Heather Baker (rep Nick Baker; Eric and Gwen Young); Anthony Norton and Barbara Marsh (rep John and Ann Tate); Betty Morton (rep John and Nick); Richard Morton (rep Mr and Mrs J Scholey); Julian Rinfret (rep Balcan Engineering); Mr and Mrs John Ward; Geoff Brunning; Ruth Patrick (rep Mick and Family); David Gaunt (rep Robbie Heath); Bill Cattell (rep Susan Cattell); Daniel and Anne Hogan; Richard and Hilary Medd; Wendy Kime (rep Anne Kime, Bill Kime, Sally and Katie Weightman); Richard Bartell; Mel Pick; Michael Harrison (rep Baumber Park Farms Ltd); Mick Devereaux; George Littleworth; Mick Young; Barry Brackenbury; Steve Corby; Graham Robinson; Philip Allbones; Bob Waine; Mr and Mrs C Elliott; Mr and Mrs A Atkin (rep Denis Holmes); John and Karen Elliott (rep Mary Elliott); Mr and Mrs Urry; David and Eileen Shelton; C Hinkins; Mr and Mrs Rowett; Mr and Mrs K Clarke; Mr H Freear; Mr Sandy; Mr D Stanney; Mr and Mrs Sreedharan; Mr and Mrs Parkinson; Ann and Paul Vickers; Mr and Mrs Roy Sutton; Harold Ward (rep Marge Read); Mr and Mrs D Burks; Lorna Fitzpatrick; Mr and Mrs A J Machin (rep Family); Stewart Garner -Jones; Emma Brown; Morris Poucher; Pat and Les Bowser; Hans Vestbirk; Judy and Leslie Johnson (rep Beverly Johnson and A G Trapmore); Pete Houldershaw (rep Carol); Elizabeth Bourn; Hugh and Rachel Bourn (rep Mr and Mrs L Sutton); Mr D Day (rep Day Family); Mr S Wiley; Mandy Odling; Jean Howsam; Brian Todd (rep Todd Homes Ltd); Mr and Mrs Strawson (rep Ken Mellor, Alec and Margaret Clarke); Mr and Mrs R Myers (rep Myers Bakery); Jill Gosling; Jack Gosling; Penny Elsom (rep Angela Finney and Marge Rodwell); Mr S Sanderson (rep Family); Mr and Mrs Hobbs; Ken Jackson (rep Lynda and Family); Michael and Sandra Wright; Malcolm Robinson (rep Aura-soma); William and Helen Whiley; Gavin Motley (rep Motley Engineering); James Hickson (rep Stewart Scholey); David Bell; Jim Ashman; George Oliver; Tim Everton; Sheila Everton; John Harrison (rep Wendy); M Laughton (rep Joan Bark); Mr and Mrs Paul Everton; Elaine and George Lancaster; Mr and Mrs M Barker; Jackie Cross (rep Dave, Simon and Tony Scott); Faye Button (rep Carol and George Button); James Coomber; Neville Oliver; Christopher Oliver; Sally Edwards; George Edwards; Peter Grant (rep Red Hall Farm); Mr and Mrs Phillips; Kim and Richard Dear (rep Tony and Margaret Simpson); Tony Richards; Robert Allbones; William Johnson (rep A Johnson); John Hatley and Paula (rep Poacher Motor Bike Club); Jean Howsam and Mandy; Bridget and Bob Bebee.