Obituary: Malcolm Spittles

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The funeral of Malcolm Spittles, who died aged 61 at Lincoln County Hospital, was held at All Saints’ Church, Wragby.

The Rev Mark Holden officiated at the service, followed by burial, with arrangements by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Malcolm was born in Gainsborough, moving with the family to live in Glentworth until the age of 17 or 18.

He married Heather and set up home in Wragby, where the couple had four children.

Malcolm was employed at the former Wragby Plastics as a grinder, until he fell ill shortly after.

Family mourners were: Heather Spittles (wife); Sarah Jane Spittles (daughter); Shane John Spittles, Richard Nigel Spittles, Anthony Malcolm Spittles (sons); Roy Laughton, Alan Laughton, Wilfred Laughton, Bob McKee (brothers-in-law); Racheal Laughton, Marjorie Laughton, Sally Laughton (sisters-in-law); Karl McKee and Natalie, Andrew and Stacey McKee, Tammy McKee, Hayley McKee, Stuart Laughton, Michael Laughton, Helen Laughton, Sonia Laughton, Andrew, Charles, Craig, Lea and Charlene (nephews and nieces); Yvonne Short and Tracey, Terry Dodsworth, Shaun Dixon, Daniel Brumby (very close friends of Malcolm).

Names taken at church: Mr and Mrs Bob Clark (acting verger); Andrea Ward (also representing Malcolm Calvert); Dave and Dorothy Warr (also representing Jo Bailey and the Warr family); Lee Laughton and Kamial Matusllzak; Charlene Laughton and Nicky Holden; Ron Segasby; Sue Dixon (also representing Kevin Dixon); Tressa Machin (also representing Mark Machin, Kylie Machin and Pat Steel); Kathy Lowe (also representing Caroline and Rodney Hydes); Dianna Bark; John Goodyear; Geoff Hutchinson (also representing Helen Hutchinson, Dean Hutchinson, Angela Preston and Tracy Cowman); John and Denis Edwards; Lindsey Segasby; Vera and Alan Smart; Marie South (also representing Steph and Sam Barker); Audrey South (also representing Sarah South, Pete South, Jean South, Tilly Martin and the staff from Country Hair); Mr and Mrs Brian Lingard; Chris Macklin; Keith Lowman; Heather Bruntlett; Colin and Brenda Knowles (also representing Win Hutchinson, Pete Hutchinson, Sue Stubley and Andrew Knowles); Mr and Mrs Robertson; Sheila Emmons (also representing Margaret Jones); Audrey Simons; Mr Watson; D Belton (also representing Janet Belton); Mr and Mrs John Kane; Haylee McKee; Linda Hillreiner (also representing Wallace Bourn); Janet Kerkhoff; Billy Garbutt; Jean Lomas; Nadia Wybrow (also representing Olivia, Max and Harry); Mr and Mrs Howsham; Sam Robinson; Mr and Mrs D Baldock (also representing Cadwell Park); Sean Murphy and James Waters (also representing “Wizz” Butchers); Tressa Bruntlett (also representing Baz Bruntlett); Kevin Porter; Sarah and Tony Laughton; Mr and Mrs Edwards; Mr Green (also representing Pat, Colin and Nigel – T.N.C. Motors); Trev Lowe; Steve Alcock; Jayne Ingall; Vicky James; Ken Tegg; Roy Kirk; David Westbury(also representing Eileen Westbury); Pauline White; Tess Rowson (also representing Don and family); Mr and Mrs Hempsell; Mrs E Hardy; Martyn Hardy (also representing Peter Hardy); Sheila Cartwright (organist); John Epton (also representing Glynn and Mandy Buxton-Rockley); Sarah Ewington; Jane Holland (also representing the family); Becky Howsam (also representing John North); Phil and Di Ward (also representing Steph Keal); Mrs Young; Ged and Donna Lowmas and Taylor; John Shepherd (also representing William and family); Jenny Smith (also representing Nigel, Natasha and the girls); Lil Kane; Rae Elliss; Doug Clark and Pauline Cooper; Diane Hillreiner; Rianah Godger; Ryan Husak and Amanda Chambers (also representing Graham); Sharon Holmes; Linda Rayner; Michael Woods; Mark Lake; Michael Laughton; Sophie Blythe; Margaret Fox; Bob Paul (also representing Olive Paul); Dennis Brader(also representing Jean and Ruth Brader); Shane Graves; Andrew Laughton (also representing Barry Noble); Craig Laughton; Kath and Peter Alford; Leonnie Segasby; Andrew Segasby (also representing Andrew McCracken); Margaret Saunders; Bren Murphy (also representing Alisa Bunn); Brian Fisher; Elsie Howsam; Julie Thurling; Keith Wilkinson; Scott Lowman; Chris Lowe; Alfie Flower; Georgina Laming; Colin Barber; Julie Swift (also representing Jacob Swift); Sam Ward (also representing Debbie Cowey); Alan Bruntlett; Rodney Alcock; Sarah Jane Nichol; Kerry Cochran; Roy and Peggy Shuttleworth; Stuart Lee; Stuart Laughton; Scott Pearce; Peter Boughtwood; Kay Franklin; Nicola Bradley.