OBITUARY: Kenneth Beattie

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The funeral has recently taken place of former retired Banovallum School caretaker, Kenneth Elsey Beattie of Tennyson Gardens, Horncastle. His death at the age of 90 years occurred at Lincoln County Hospital.

Born in Hagworthingham, Ken joined the army in 1942 serving as Transport Sergeant for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical engineers, in Burma, before joining the British Forces Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan.

After being discharged in 1947, Ken was a lorry driver for Bells. This was followed by joining local builders Bakers, before moving on to the grocery business of Marshalls.

He was to spend the last 18 years as caretaker at Banovallum school. Ken was a long time and active member of the Buffs RAOB, attending the Lodge at Hatton for many years. He also loved cycling and participated in the St Mary’s sponsored annual Tour of the Churches, raising money for his beloved church. He had served as a sidesperson, a church sitter and was a member of the House Group.

Ken is survived by his son Andrew Beattie and daughter Karen Mountain. The Revd. Cilla Smith conducted the funeral at St Mary’s Church with arrangements being made by the Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, Horncastle.

Family Mourners: Andrew and Cheryl Beattie, son and daughter-in-law; Alex, James and Ellie Beattie, grandchildren; Karen and John Mountain, daughter and son-in-law; Charlotte Mountain, granddaughter; Joan and Owen Neal, sister and brother-in-law representing Jacque Trueman niece; John Beattie, brother, Tina and Tracey, nieces; Rita and Len Perryman, sister and brother-in-law; Iris Beattie, sister-in-law representing Ron Vickers and Betty Wing; Alistair and Wendy Beveridge, niece; Mike and Tina Beattie representing Shirley Beattie, sister-in-law and Rod Beattie, nephew; Bill and Janet Daubney, niece representing family; Jennifer Lea, niece representing Norman Lea; Jim Scholey and Joanne Neal, niece; Heather Johnson representing Nick Johnson, niece; Aileen Ward, niece Carol York representing Lesley French, nieces; Sandra Cloherty, niece; Peter Potton, nephew; Margaret North, sister-in-law; Sue Ellis, niece representing Roy and Tim North, nephews; Richard and Jayne Mosdell, niece representing Will and Lucy; Roy and Doreen Overton, brother and sister-in-law representing family; Jean Overton, sister-in-law representing Debra, Ian and Mary Overton, niece and nephew; David Overton, nephew.

Other Mourners: Mary Priestly and John Gee; Pete and Betty Marshall; Liz and Graham Wood;Stefan and Lynn Urbanowicz; Claire Parker and Helen Woodhouse representing St. Mary’s Church; Sue Cook; Val and Pete Hare and family; Mrs Kaye Beebe representing Horncastle Opticians; Mrs Julie Lindley; Peter and Janet Swift representing Pauline Ladlow; Julie Stanley representing Harry and Sylvia Stanley; Barbara Scholey; Mr.and Mrs.D.Platt; Ruth and Eric Howarth; Mary Elliott representing Linda Sutton; June and Rachel Bonner representing Jim Bonner and HICA at hone; Penny Russell representing Banovallum School; John and Sue Collins; Alison Lill; Cassandra Hewson; Maureen,Gay; Sue and Don Hare; Keith Baguley representing Maureen, Claire and Richard and Mr Peter Fiddles; Mr. and Mrs. D.Kisby; Mr Tony Scott; Lynn Bestwick nee Fell; Julie Wood representing Mr.P.Wood; Carole Kisby; Lynne Wright representing Mandy Walden; William and Dot Keen; Edith Blakey; Helen Marshall; Mrs Betty Smith; Judith Simons representing Steve, George and Victoria; Mary and John Lunn rep Royal British Legion; Phil Smith; Mr and Mrs Plaskitt; Dave Bell representing Tracey Bell; Mr.R.Boucher; Mrs.E.Boucher; Audrey Flitton representing Roy Flitton; Doris Foster; Mervyn Whitfield; Eleanor Toyne, Keith Riddles representing Church and RBL; Maureen White and family; Carole Marshall representing St Mary’s Church; Gus Harrison; Jim and Betty Thorburn representing Royal British Legion; Barbara Bark representing Tony Bark and Alice Elsdon; Gail and Chris Hinkins; Pam Crisp Beard representing Maria Crisp Beard and Madge Crisp Beard; Roy Ogwell representing Royal British Legion; Ann and Phil Spray; Roz Turvey; Jackie Hepburn; Val Butler rep Tony Bacon; Jane Fidling; Rev Mike Burson-Thomas, Nette and Charles Burson-Thomas representing Harriet and Christina Burson-Thomas; Joyce Goodacre representing M.Dack and G.Lancaster; J and C Heneghan; Margaret Parker and John Mirams.