OBITUARY: John William Oldroyd

The funeral service for the late John William Oldroyd was held on Wednesday October 15 at All Saints, South Elkington.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services.

The service was conducted by Reverend Nick Brown and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Monica Oldroyd, Wife, Alan & Pearl Oldroyd, Son and daughter in law, Stuart & Sandra Oldroyd, Son and daughter in law, Stephen & Lesley Oldroyd, Son and daughter in law, Linda Mowday, Daughter (Also rep Nigel – son in law), Sharon Oldroyd & Paul Patchett, Daughter and partner, Dawn & Keisha Oldroyd, Granddaughter & great granddaughter (also rep Corryne Hall, Malcolm Janik & Philip & Angie Ashmore), Teresa Scaman, Granddaughter, (also rep Paul Scaman, Finlay & Rafferty Scaman, Ashley Janney & Henry), Yasmin & Stephen Matthews, Granddaughter & husband, Tracey & Mickey Stocks, Granddaughter & husband, Krystal & Carl Green, Granddaughter & husband, Mr & Mrs Alan and Margaret Frankish, Cousin and wife (also rep Maureen and Harold Penn) Mr & Mrs Brian Blades, Csin and wife, Mr William Mowday and Amanda Sankey, Grandson and partner, Mr Francis Mowday, Grandson, Mrs Margaret and Mr Alan Gibson, Sister in law and husband, Miss Wendy Gibson, Niece, Miss Cleasie Ward, Niece, Mr & Mrs Ivy and Colin Hutson, Sister and brother in law, Miss Denise Hutson, Niece (also rep Staff of Beverley’s), Mr & Mrs David and Carol Mottram, Niece and husband, Mr & Mrs Andrew and Pat Farmer, niece and husband, Mr James Lingard and Eva Mitchell, Nephew and partner, Mr Richard Wilson, Nephew, also rep Wally Tomblin, Brother in law, Mr Martin Wilson, Great nephew (also representing Melanie Stuttering), Mr & Mrs Kerry and Daniel Coulling, Granddaughter and husband, Miss Velna Oldroyd and Rob Smith, Granddaughter and partner, Mr Ron Baker, Brother in law (also representing Sue & Philip Baker)

Other Mourners: Mr Dave & Mrs Faye Pearce (also rep Darren Barnes and family, Melanie Brumpton and family, and Cheree Broughton), Mr David and Mrs Jenny Chamberlain, Mr Ian Wheatley, Mr & Mrs Ken and June Dann, Mrs Margaret Skipworth, Mr Des Metcalfe, Mr & Mrs David and Yvonne Roper (also rep Louth Indoor Bowls Club), Mr & Mrs Charles and Lesley Bray, Mrs Janet Bett (also rep John), Mrs Sue Taylor, Ms Helen Machin (also rep Sophie and Jack), Mr & Mrs Derek and Marjorie Jackson, Mr Chris Bunker (NMC), Mr &Mrs Alan and Margaret Parkin (also rep George and Shirley Vickers), Mr & Mrs Janet and Jonathan Scott, Ms Ann Dickinson, Mr Paul Patterson, Mr & Mrs Phyllis and Derek Robinson, Mrs Toni Johnson, Mr & Mrs Helen and Philip Maltby, Mrs Yvonne Drew (also rep Nigel Drew and Chris Booth), Mr T Chamberlain, Mr & Mrs Derek and Ann Smith, Mrs Janice Merrikin (also rep Barrie), Mr Frank Chalkley, Mr & Mrs Castledine, Mrs Sheila Brumpton, Mr Gary Davies, Mrs Catherine Baines, Mr Alan Horan, Mrs Deb Taylor (also rep Martyn Taylor and Sue Jacklin), Mr & Mrs Tony and Lucille Woods, Mr & Mrs Maureen and John Drewery, Mr & Mrs Pete and Jackie Richardson, Mr & Mrs Paul and Caroline Benson (also rep Stewart Hannath), Mrs “Bubbles” Benson, Mr & Mrs J & K Codd, Mr & Mrs Victor & Wendy White, Mrs Sue Hamilton (also rep Blair), Mr & Mrs Neil and Vicky Bourne, Mr Tony Melton (also rep Pam), Mr Goddard, Mr Andy Gray, Joan Bembridge, Mr & Mrs Barry and Janet Elmhirst (also rep Kenwick Tea Room), Mrs Debbie Simpson (also rep Eastfield Infants School and Mrs E R Burdass), Mrs Linda Smith (St Barnabas), Mr & Mrs Albert & Carol Scotney.