OBITUARY: John Macdonald Ross

The funeral of John Macdonald Ross was held at St Mary’s Church in Horncastle.

Born in Scotland, he served at RAF Coningsby and is the late husband of Gladys.

Family mourners were: Elizabeth and Bryan Lindley (daughter and son in law) John and Christine Ross (son and daughter in law) Richard and Julie Ross (son and daughter in law) Tracy and Chris Rea (granddaughter and husband) Sam Lindley and Matt Shrive (granddaughter and partner) Michelle and Alec Lea (granddaughter and husband) Terry Ross (grandson representing Helen Ross), Kellie Ross and Adam Hill (granddaughter and partner) Ben Ross and Jenna Caller (grandson and partner) Bethany Rea, Lydia Rea, Charlotte Lea, Brandon Lead, Jenson Lea, Dominic Lea, Oakley Rodrigues (great grandchildren, Shirley and Derek Crawford.

Other mourners: Horace, Geoff and Christine Baker (friends) Peter North (representing the North family), Mr and Mrs M Evans, Terry and Pat Scotney, Mr and Mrs Buckingham, Katy Buckingham, Nigel Martin (representing R F Martin Haulage) Mark Currie (representing the Currie family) Enid Marwood (representing the Marwood family) Rod Parker (representing Christine Parker) Shirley Wilkinson (representing Mo Wilkinson) Gladys Atkinson (representing the Johnson family), Mrs Pauline Wozencroft (representing Ike Wozencroft and family), Derek and Audrey Lea, Terry and Kath Walters, Janet Kirk, Anne Clark (representing Tony and Mandy) Alan Maskell (representing the Maskell family) Pete Armstrong, Adrian Boddy, Kevin Burton (representing Lynette) Pete Houldershaw, Kathryn Hare (representing Hazel and Tuzzy Hare) Leanda McCreesh, Brian and Audrey Pacey, Emma Shinn (representing Linda Shinn) J Ruddy, Louise Smith, Joyce Ranyard, Brian and Suzanne Burnett (representing The Fenn Family), Mr and Mrs Charles Rawdon (representing Isabel and Stuart Parker) Gordon Lound, Mr and Mrs Peter Limage, Ann Brown (representing John Brown) Colin and Sam North, Rennie Newsham (representing Gordon Newsham) Brian and Heather Deane, Kay Burnett, Kelly Chapman, Karl and Claire Brown, Tony and Joyce Patchett, Simon Rawdon and Helen Clark (representing The Rawdon family) Peter Hare (representing A Hare & Sons, Val and all the family) Bill and Margaret Anderson, Andy Maher, Mr and Mrs C Hughes (representing Mark Hughes) Ian and Vanessa Riddell, Mrs D Hall, Mr and Mrs Ashton.