Obituary: John Charles Read

John Charles Read EMN-151012-175052001
John Charles Read EMN-151012-175052001

The funeral service for John Charles Read was held at St Edith’s Church, North Reston.

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services and the service was conducted by the Rev Lorraine Turner.

Family mourners were: Shahla Read; James and Sally Read; Soraya Osbourne; Darius Osbourne; Elizabeth Jones; Katie and Andrew Gosling; Lorna and Ian Walker; Shohreh Blank; Tim Lidgard; Alexandra Arrol; Vic, Cynthia and Sonia Lamb (family from the Isle of Skye unable to attend).

Other mourners were: John and Vivien Dawson; James Lingard; Charles Wilson; Caroline Shand; Philip Sturman (also representing Polly Sturman); Elizabeth Marshall (also representing Len Marshall); Michael and Ann Graves; Charles Dobson; John Myers (also representing Peeby Myers); Molly Turner; Mr and Mrs P Smith; Andrew Smith; Victoria Laughton (also representing Mr D G Laughton); David and Penny Coleman; Alan and Jill Clarey; Mr and Mrs S Graves (also representing James and Paul); Elaine Drewery; Peter Grantham; Sue Page; Clive Goulsbra; Fraser Lyon; Robert Key; Mike Jaines (also representing Carol Jaines); Annie Oliver (also representing Rob Oliver and William Oliver); Ken Chappell (also representing David Haxby); Robert Hartley; Gail Buckley; Mr and Mrs Bryan (also representing Madge Sargisson); Andrew Walker (also representing Peacock and Binnington); John Mowbray (also representing James Mowbray; Ian Casey); David Smith; Andrew and Judy Craven (also representing Tom Atkinson); Fred Cooper; Andrew Whiteley; Colin Reeve; David Harrison (also representing Jane Harrison); Russell Hutchinson (also representing Philippa Dean); Claire Howard (also representing James Howard); Esme Howard; Richard Glover (also representing Alison Glover); Michael Read (also representing Sheena Read; John and Shirley Read; Dick and Mary Read; Jonathan Read); Ron Larder (also representing Trisha Larder); Lisa Wood; Rodney Hutchinson; Katherine Hutchinson; Andrew Craven (also representing Rebecca Lee); John Reetham; Kevin Jerromes; Oliver Cartledge; Mr R J Vines; Robin and Jenny Croarkin; Mr T Osbourne (also representing Ms M Osbourne of London; Mr and Mrs P Clark of Cahors, France); Richard A Butler; David Thornalley; John Green; Jonathan Urry (also representing Louth Tractors); Barbara Baldock (also representing Barry Baldock and Family); John Read; Melvyn and Ruth Chapman; Rachel Clark (also representing Peter and Jennifer Clark); James Chapman; William Chapman; Derek and Doris Caffrey; Luke Bullivant (also representing Jim Bullivant and Joe Bullivant); Bill Read (also representing Richard Read; Alan Read); Robert and Annie Codling; Philip and Rosemarie Jones; Nika Osbourne; Alistair and Julie Harvey; Glyn Macdonald (also representing Macdonald Engineering); Stephen Parker; Sandra Bell; Ted Scott; David Giddens; John Needham (also representing Sue Needham and Ann Needham); Dene Paddison (also representing J T Friskney Limited); Victoria Traves; Bernard Wilson; Karl and Heather Verity; Nick Smith (also representing Sarah Smith); Steve Taylor (also representing The Taylor Family); Clinton Luvering; Debbie Harrison; Kelly Bowden; Roger Gott; David Williams; Richard Arnold (also representing The Waggon and Horses, South Reston); Paul and Sara Brewery; John Johnson; John Feneley (also representing Kate Feneley; James Feneley); Jonathan Clare; Darren Smith (also representing Sue Hudson); Mary Lee; John Lee; Mr Capes; John Johnson; Sarah Howard; Tim Kingswood (also representing Karen, Eric and Diane).