OBITUARY: Joan Margery Marwood

Joan Marwood EMN-140930-112208001
Joan Marwood EMN-140930-112208001
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Joan Margery Marwood who for many years had lived at Worlaby near Louth died recently in Ash 
Tree Farm, Withern, where she had been a resident for the last two years.

Joan was born at Maidenhall in November 1926 and was baptised in Farforth Church. She never knew her father when she died in May 1927. She was the youngest of eight daughters of William and
Alice Armstrong. Gladys who is four years older than Joan survives. Gladys was also born in Maidenwell and now lives in Tasmania.

Joan did not attend Maidenwell School like some of her sisters did, because her mother moved 
with her family to Little Carlton before she was at school age. 
Joan started school at South Reston and later attended Monks Dyke in Louth.

At some stage the family moved to Tothill. It was here that she met Arthur Marwood, who lived in Withern. They married in Tothill Church on September 25 1945 and made their home with her mother. They also lived at Greenfield Near Aby and at Caukwell. They moved to Worlaby in 1954.

Joan loved followinbg the Southwold Hunt, and also helping with the August teas, and the flower festivals at Ruckland Church. She also 
took a great interest in her grandchildren, Neil, Julie and
 Stuart, always interested in what they were doing, and in 2009, she became a Great Grandmother when Jessica was born.

Her funeral took place on Thursday July 24 in St Mary’s Church, Tetford. The service was conducted by Rev Cheryl Hilliam, assisted by Paul McLaughlin, followed by burial in St Olave’s Churchyard at Ruckland.

Family mourners, John Marwood 9son) and Brenda Marwood (daughter-in-law).

David Marwood (son), Stephen Marwood (son) and rowena Marwood (daughter-in-law) Neil Marwood (grandson), Julie Marwood (grand-dauughter), 
Paul Richards (partner) also rep. Jessica (great grand-daughter), Stuart Marwood (grandson), Anthony Hodgson (nephew) and 
Geoffrey Marwood (nephew) also rep. Angela Wattam (neice).

Other mourners attending- Derrick and Eileen Kelsey, Mr & Mrs Tim Lamyman, rep, Robert and Emma, Mrs Pam Read rep. Mr & Mrs Robert Read, Joy Chaford, Gladys Gledhill, Eileen Burrell, Rowan Jones rep. Lucy. Mick Chambers rep. Pauline, David Stephenson, Sue Telfer rep. Ann Lamyman, Susan and David Sharp, Andy and Sharon McClung, James Thorndyke, Alison Cooper, Yvonne Bexon rep. The Bexon family, Pam Leach rep. Melvyn, Robert Robinson, Adrian Simons rep. Katrina Simons, Joan Westerby rep. Nigel Westerby. Mr & Mrs KenWood, Sheila Ayres, Joyce 
Clawson, Richard Clawson, Andy Robinson rep. Mr P Robinson, Mark Baumber, Mr & Mrs G Wilkins rep. Mr & Mrs John Morton, Clive Dixon, Martin Chapman, Nigel Chester rep. Barbara Chester, Sheiula and Bob Sheldon rep. Kevin Sheldon, Chris and Mary Paddison, Bert and Eddie Bishell, Margaret Rhodes, Anne Walter rep. Richard Walter, Bob and Sue Fletcher, Bob and Dinah Blake, Mr & Mrs Maurice Henshaw, Donna and Spencer Wood, Mr & Mrs John Leach, Jane and Gordon Marshall, Anne Parker, Jo and Nora Jacklin, Jane Robinson, Fred Tuplin rep. Steve and Lynne Tuplin, Richard and Bernie Lawson, Pearl and Bob Williams, Steve Sharp rep. Mollie Sharp, Lisa Floyd, Lynne, Jane, Teresa Wilkinson, Joe and Sue (all from Ashtree House, Withern).