OBITUARY - Janice Bones

It was with great sadness that Wragby mourned the loss of Janice Bones who passed away on February 6 at the Lincoln County Hospital following a very short illness.

The funeral and Thanksgiving Service for her life was held at All Saints Church on 25 February officiated by Rev Mark Holden.

Janice, aged 66, was born in Skegness, the daughter of the late Richard and Florence Bones and twin sister to the late Susan.

She was born on 5 November 1947 and moved to Wragby with her family where she and Susan attended the Primary School where her father was the head-teacher.

They were very happy times in the village especially the birthday parties of the “twins” with fireworks every year.

Janice enjoyed playing tennis with her sister and was a member of the local youth club.

She was confirmed at South Willingham and remained with her faith at All Saints Church, Wragby where she was a member of the Parochial Church Council and had a major input into the Flower Festival last year.

Family holidays were taken with her cousin Ann along with family members.

After completing her schooling at Horncastle, she trained as a hairdresser, working in Lincoln and Horncastle.

She went on her first holiday without her family to the Isle of Man – the only time she actually left the UK.

She trained as a nurse and progressed to the role staff nurse. She enjoyed her responsible role as “recovery nurse” which involved reassessing people as they recovered from operations. In her leisure time, Janice always looked forward to attending Wimbledon for the tennis every year.

She also loved antiques, a game of scrabble and was a member of the camera club. She often played badminton.

She was a very skilled gardener and knew the Latin names of many plants. She was a member of the gardening club.

She always made the most beautiful arrangements and won prizes in the “Wragby in Bloom” competitions.

Janice was also the main stay in organising the All Saints Church Flower Festival last year which was a great success.

She was knowledgeable about the history of Wragby and did so much to support the local “Heritage Group”.

She was also a skilled seamstress and learned the skills of upholstery. She learned “campanology” and enjoyed being a part of the Wragby Bell Ringers who ranging a “quarter peel half muffled” at her funeral as a mark of respect to a very dedicated member.

She was a very caring person. It was a great loss when her twin sister died and she then became a carer for her parents when they became frail.

She sponsored a child in Sierra Leone, organised collections for the “Children’s Society” in Wragby and the annual “Christingle Service”

Her faith meant a great deal to her. It sustained her and gave her courage.

She will be missed by many friends and acquaintances in Wragby.

Family mourners included: Anne Rickward – cousin; also Neil, Jane, Shirley and Valerie. Mrs Joan Thorne; Gill and Paul Smith – also representing Nathan and Sasha Smith and Alan and Pam Till; Hilary and David Tuhey – also representing Jason Anstice and Sarah and Adam Ward; Rebecca Coleman – also representing Marcus Coleman.

Other mourners were: Bob and Christine Clark; Eileen Rushby: Brenda Bodily – also representing Andrea Ward; Jill Whitfield – organist; Dorothy Warr – also representing the family; Ann Harris; Margaret Wright; Stef Brien; Jane Leader; John Kane – also representing Margaret Kane; Janet and Richard Lenton; Ann and Richard Mazur; Sheila Emmons; David and Rose Howsam; Doug Clark; Paulin Cooper; Margaret Fox; Elaine Eccles; Janet Plaster; Sue Graves; Ruth Addison; Tina and John Sherriff; Jessie Skellern – also representing Les and Joan Robinson; Barbara Scott; Sue Lake; Rowie Summers; Merilyn Thornicroft – also representing Mark Thornicroft; Kathy Lowe – also representing Wragby Town Hall and Caroline Hydes; Dennis and Christine Brackenbury; Bob Paul; Jim Sutherland; Marilyn Moore; Russ and Sue Millson; Sue and Paul Johnson; Lindsey Lowman; Barbara Hopper; Mike and Mo Fricke; Rita Dixon; Eileen Barry; Karen Wiley; Kenneth Edmonds; Vera Smart; Janet Box; Mr & Mrs Gill Stafford; Margaret and Fred Robinson; Roger and Margaret Pickett; Ann Lambert; John Boothby; Suzanne Flint; Carol Ogilvie; Andrew Sellars; Roselle Grantham; Sue Walker; Gill Woodford; Tricia Birch; Sylvia Astbury; Marilyn Tompkins; Liz Stephenson; Ann Hobbins – also representing Renee Mullen; Peter Phillipson; Hugh and Monica Bourn – also representing Chris and Sally Bourn

and Edward Bourn; Mrs Pam Nickerson; Mrs Jane Perkins – also representing Mr Mike Perkins;

Peggy and Roy Shuttleworth; Joyce and David Parsons; Martin and Leslie Wright; Kay Robinson;

Leslie Leonard – also representing the upholstery class; Edith and Victor Nash – also representing the gardening club and Wragby Heritage Group; Mr John Edwards – also representing Lynn and Denis Edwards; Margaret Sergeant; Christine Pixsley; Doreen Fiddler; Rita Chapman; Sheila Fincham; Linda Scott; Mary Hoban; Mick Shepherd; Ann Wilson; Ann Watson; Sheila Minns – also representing Barkwith Gardeners; Sue Jefferson; Mary Walkes; Martin and Leslie Wright; Pauline Ward; Mr & Mrs F Dickenson; Linda Westward; Gill Harness – also representing Clare Lee; Margaret Saunders – also representing Mrs Jean Tring; Alan Bruntlett; Collette King; Leslie Lobley; Derek Turner – also representing Jean Turner; Karen Wilkinson; Janet Greenwood; Anne Buffham.

Funeral arrangements were made by J Marshall of Market Rasen. Cremation followed at Lincoln