OBITUARY: Jack Harrison

The funeral of Jack Harrison took place at All Saints Church, Hammeringham, on Thursday February 13.

Family Mourners: Peter and Pat Harrison (brother and sister in law); Betty Bell, sister; Sarah Wadey; (niece representing Elizabeth and Ben Wadey); Geoff and Susan Strawson (cousin and wife); Georgina English (cousin); Shirley Bloor (companion and carer).

Other Mourners:

Margaret Harrison (representing Stephanie, Fiona and Glynn); Michael Harrison; David Garner (representing Sheila Garner); Anne Morris (representing Sue); Michael and Patricia Paige (representing Mrs Fay Steel); Eileen Kelsey (representing Derek Kelsey; Peter Landymore; David Mawby; Mr and Mrs B Urry; Duncan Applewhite (representing Claire, Beth and Ed); Jim Applewhite (representing Pauline Applewhite; Eric and Gwen Young (representing J T Friskney Ltd); Aubrey Atkin (representing Marian Atkin, Dennis Holmes and Bill Rainthorpe); John Garner (representing Richard and Tom Garner); Peter Roe (representing Mr and Mrs J Roe , Mr and Mrs A Smith; E Wing and R Vickers; Mr and Mrs D Ashton; Pete Spittlehouse; Barry Ward; Derek Ward; Robert Ward; Mrs E A Sharpe (representing Mr M Sharpe); Mr and Mrs Marnie; Stuart and Jenny Russell; Ben Russell; Mr Stanney; D Willows; Alan Dawson; G Enderby (representing J Enderby; Michael Lee; Betty Morton (representing John Morton; Nick Morton; Richard Morton (representing G Maltby); Margaret and John Brinn; Helen Roberts (representing Harry Roberts; Dawn Brocksom; Peter Potton; Fred White of Horncastle; Tim Bryant; Ken Mellor; Mrs Millie Russell; Penny and John Russell; George Kirk; G Tagg (representing George Oliver); Chris Tagg (representing James Tagg); Roland Wingate; Matt Robinson (representing Fiona Robinson; Simon Shaw; Linda Sumpner; Kathryn Masters; Dawn and Austen Warman; Pete and Marilyn Cotton; Michael West; Robert England; Bryan Scotney (representing Margaret Scotney) Richard Evison (representing Horncastle NFU); Ken Jackson; Carla and Maurice Temprell; Mike Hewson; Mr and Mrs Proctor; Mr and Mrs Fothergill; John Coggle and partner Julie; Janet Walker; Keith Walker (representing Walker Family)