OBITUARY: Hugh Robert Bourn

It was with much sadness that family, friends and neighbours heard of the sudden death of Mr Hugh Robert Bourn, OBE, who passed away at his home in Wragby on 12 May. Mr Bourn aged 84 was born on 19 December 1929, at 85 The Quadrant, Wimbledon, and had an older brother John. With early connections to Lincolnshire Mr Bourn was named Hugh after his uncle from Ludford and grandfather of Mavis Enderby; his second name after his mother’s father. From a very early age he enjoyed visiting relations who farmed in Lincolnshire. During the war years he stayed in the summer of 1940 with his aunt and uncle at Salmonby, near Horncastle.

Education began at the age of 4 when he started at Worple Road Preparatory School, moving onto Kings College School at the side of Wimbledon Common in September 1939. It was during those early years in Wimbledon that he began breeding rabbits with the idea of making money, reaching 60 breeding does with all their young and bucks. It was during the last few years of the war that he experienced the “doodle-bug” raid that caused the roof of the family home to fall in but fortunately, he and his brother John were safe and the damage was soon repaired.

Mr Bourn always knew he wanted to be a farmer and while not being academic and not wishing to spend his life in the City, caught the train from London to Louth where his uncle Hugh and Aunt Peg picked him up and took him to their home at Kelstern, which was a 500 acre mainly arable farm rented from Sir George Slight. It was hard work but very happy times. At the age of 21 Mr Bourn began farming at Holton-cum-Beckering gradually building up the farming and market gardening side of his life – very little money – but working hard throughout. With the help of Monica, his wife, and young sons Wallis and Christopher and latterly Edward, the family worked together building up the business.

Eventually Mr Bourn decided to venture into property development and started a new company called “Hugh Bourn Developments (Wragby) Ltd. The firm was building around eighty to ninety mainly bungalows with approximately 15% houses and also purchasing more farmland increasing the acreage to 2000 acres, with son Christopher taking full charge in 1991. In July 2006 the building company was sold.

Apart from work, Mr Bourn took great pleasure in visiting countries worldwide and supporting so many charities. Among just a few were trips to New Zealand, Philippines, Rio, China, India, Thailand, Anchorage, Hong Kong, Madeira, South America, Australia, Cyprus, Japan and of course, so many happy holidays in the uK in the early days with his wife and young family.

He increased his charity work across many fields including supporting “Aid to Bosnia”; purchasing the Mansion House for Louth Museum; donating £1.4 million to the Epic Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground where he was elected President of the County’s Agricultural Society in 2010 and more recently his great support to the “Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society”. He also gave his support to the “Wragby Show and Country Fayre”, the local football team, The Wragby and District Swimming Club, and the “Guiding and Scouting H/Q”. Probably his proudest moment was when he was awarded the OBE for “Services to Charity to the Community of Lincolnshire” at the age of 81, and seeing his autobiography “From Humble Beginnings” going into print, raising finances to support the work of “Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society”.

Mr Bourn is now survived by his wife Monica; sons Wallis, Christopher and Edward and 5 grandchildren. The family was so important to the couple and Mr Bourn will be sadly missed by so many which was shown at the Service of Celebration at Lincoln Cathedral on Wednesday 28 May when over 400 people attended to remember him.

Family mourners were Monica Bourn – wife; Wallis Bourn, Christopher & Sally Bourn & Edward Bourn – sons and daughter-in-law; Arron Bourn, Charlotte Bourn, Tara Bourn, James Bourn and Hannah Bourn – grandchildren; Richard & Anne Stamp brother-in-law – also representing Peter Phillipson, Mr & Mrs John Robinson, Mrs Ann Stamp (Middle Rasen) and family; Lucy Fincham; Michael & Caroline Stamp – brother-in-law also representing Mrs S W Selby and Mrs I Selby; Jonathan and Sarah Stamp; Adam & Claire Rowles; Georgina; Elizabeth Bourn – sister-in-law; Hugh & Rachael Bourn – nephew; Sarah Treon – niece; William & Siobhan Bourn – nephew.

Funeral arrangements were made by J Marshall Funeral Directors of Market Rasen.

Mourners: Ian & Yvonne Short – also representing Roy and Diane Clarke; David & Mary Gray; Pete Butcher; Doris Butcher; David Hiscox; Karwen Hiscox; Julie & Stephen Rutter; Margaret Wright – also representing Ann Harris; Karen Lee – also representing Annette & Rachel; Kath Lee – also representing Miriam Lee; John Aitkin; Kelly Bloom; Bridgett Bourn; Ann Watson; Betty Lamming; Renee Mullen; Robert & Christine Clark; Eileen Gurrell; Elaine Burt – also representing the Burrt family; Margaret Robinson ((Owenby by Spittle) also representing Christine England; Mrs Janet Stubbs; Mr Leslie Wilson; Kay & John Franklin; Andrew Price; Dorothy & Dave Warr; Edie & Alan Humphries; “Titch” Lee; Andrea Ward – also representing Andrew, Brenda Bodily & Guiding & Scouting in Wragby; Toby Clowes – also representing “Clowes Tyres”; Paula Rowett; Ray & Mary Boothby; Matt Herring; Geoff Herring; Andrew Bark; Sue Turner – also representing the family; Ian & Karen Thompson – also representing Rebecca Thompson and John & Jean Storr; Ashley Boyles – also representing Dave Boyles; Charlie Roberts; Simon and David Cross; Jackie Cross; Mrs P Chambers – also representing the Chambers family; Diane & Phil Ward; Sam Ward; Robert Page; Tom Brocklehurst – also representing Pauline & Family; Robert & Ann Needham; John Plowright – also representing Lincs & Newark Ploughing Society; Dave Haughton; Pam & Alan Till – also representing the Wragby & District Swimming Pool; Bernard & Irene Andrew; Betty & Ron Kirk – also representing Eva & John, Peter & Elizabeth Turner (I.O.M.); Peggy & Roy Shuttleworth; Mrs Campion; Alice Hodgson – also representing Wragby Disability Lincs; Margaret Jones – also representing Trevor & Shirley Watson; Linda Newton; Robert & Annie Plumb – also representing S.F.S.; Jonathon Turner; Clive Goulsbra – also representing Charles Baxter; Brian Frisby and Rosalyn Adams; Don Briggs – also representing Barbara Briggs; James Robinson; Jeff Phillips – also representing Mark & Paul; Tony Wheeldon; Joanne Aldford – also representing The Kilmister family; John and Len Ketchieng; Dick Hewitt; John Simpson – also representing Mr & Mrs J Simms; Robert Kierk – also representing Phillip & David Keeler and family; Robert Sharman; Neville & Maureen Turner; Joyce Rhodes – also representing Abigail & Roger Clark; Marion Rush; Mr S J Clark; Amanda Buckley; Alan Graham; Michael Graves; Mr & Mrs Mark Fox – also representing Peter & Sally Robinson; Tony Ward – also representing Lyn Ward & Nevil Ward; Pat Grant – also representing Mr & Mrs William Grant; Julie Kilmister Bland – also representing the Kilmister family; Hannah Green; Daniel Clark; Martin Maslin; Richard Woodcock; Betty Jackson – also representing Sergeant & Steel families; Bob & Jenny Charlesworth; Stephen Burrows; Peter Burrows; Katherine Stoke; Paul Melton – also representing ADM; Andrew Jackson; Mr & Mrs Robert Gibson-Bevan – also representing Mr Sean Lawson & Mr & Mrs Ray Graham; Tim May; Margaret Sergeant – also representing Mrs D A Oliver (Auntie Dorothy) Mr & Mrs John Oliver & Mr & Mrs Quentin Parker; Malcolm Everade; Malcolm Everade – Junior; John & Shirley Read – also representing Andrew Read; Mike & Jen Coster; Andrew Stratford – also representing Louth Choral Society; Alec Clark; Mildred Taylor; Mr Graham Sell; Given Young; Eric Young; T R Fox; Alison Welsh; Jim Hurton; Mrs G Campion – also representing the Campion family; David Todd – also representing the “Todd” girls and Paul Robinson at Skegness; Richard Sanderson; Beth and Michelle Golland; Mrs Jackie Hardisty; Clive Waterman; Mr & Mrs Jo Coulson; David, Jane and Elizabeth Coulson; Nick Riggall; Mr & Mrs Nigel Taylor; Alan Turner; Karl Turner; Susan Turner; J Harrison – also representing Mr & Mrs Bob Parker; Mr D Hairsine; Rick & Jane Scarboro; Mrs Dawn Smith – also representing Mr Gleadell; Mr Drew Smith – also representing Mr & Mrs Henry Smith & Louth Tractors; Mr Jim Clarke; Richard Coulson – also representing Matthew & Jim Burks; Lindsey Wright; Nicola & Ian Hopper; Derrick& Joan Littleworth; Fred Wallis – also representing Kevin & William Wallis; Shaun Yarnett; Danielle Ingley; Philip & Maureen Marshall; Richard Parker – also representing Ruth Kenwood, Kay & S Wood; Tom & Charles Barton; Robert, Alex, Max, Howard – also representing Chris & Jane Howard; John Edwards; Paul Johnson – also representing Sue Johnson; Josh Laughton; Winston Bailey – also representing Ground Staff at Lincs L.A.S.; John Epton; Adrian Kilbride; Kevin Whittaker; Barry Rodwell-Spencer; Andrew Major – also representing Thomas Bell & Sons; Simon Smithson; Luke Patterson; Wendy Sharp; John Wilson; Lyn Strydon; Mr & Mrs Richard Needham – also representing Mrs J Ayres & Lincolnshire Agricultural Society; Andrew Pearce; Tony & Diane Twinback – also representing Anthony & Susan White; Peter Browser – also representing Anne Fenwick; Sandra & Terry Davie – also representing Jane Andrew and Mrs Wattam Snr; Jeremy Ruff; Mark Popplewell – also representing John & Grace Popplewell, David Alstrop and Andrew Curtis; Carol & Anthony Turner; Ian Marris; David Telfer; Jake Wilson; Callum; Fred & Margaret Robinson; Richard Butler; David Thornally; Bill Stennett; Mrs Doris Woodhall; Bruce Mather – also representing Barbara; James Mather; Eric Vaughan – also representing J P M AGRS Director Boston & Country Clubs; Tony Morris & Samantha – also representing John & Judith Lockwood; Richard Fieldsend; Mr & Mrs John Clark; Eric Dixon – also representing Kevin; John Garner – also representing the family; Kolbasiwk Wieslaw, Bozema; Nan & Richard Marris; Ross Fenwick; Andrew Jackson – also representing Brigette Jackson; Les Bacon – also representing Peacock & Binnington; Rob & Frances Espley; Roger & Juliet Smith – also representing Mrs. Irene Smith & Mrs Barbara Fenwick; Louise Mumford; Ray Phillips; Charlie & Jesse Hood; Trafford Hoon, Peter Hoon & Graham Hoon – also representing C Bell; Hans Vesbirk – also representing Helstrap of Denmark; Dennis Marshall; Sharon Syll – Lloyds Bank; John Jungle; Richard Evison Horne – NFU; John Read – Chairman Horncastle NFU; Veronica Ewington – also representing Dave Ewington; Sarah Poucher – also representing A Poucher & Son; Mrs J C Kirby – also representing Mr & Mrs Read; John Brook; Charlie & Julie Adlard; Liam Hardy; Christopher Day; George Albone; Mr & Mrs Dick Read; Jonathon Read; Bernard Wright; Mr & Mrs G Mowbray; George Chambers – also representing N.H.B.C.; Philip Maher; Rob Price; David & Barbara Stephenson; Mr & Mrs Nevil Ward; Terrance Bailey; Kathryn Bailey; Dr. Aziz; Mr & Mrs John Jackson – also representing Julie Jackson; Michael & Janet Fisk; Mr & Mrs Pat Dickinson – also representing the family; Mr Roy Dawson; Mrs Sandra Stanney; Mrs Doris Oliver; Miss Jean Oliver; Graham & Stephen Oliver; Ambrose Fowler; Charles & Graham Hill – also representing C H Hill Ltd; Brian & Marie Rhodes – also representing the Rhodes family; Robert Catlin – also representing the Catlin family; Mrs C Lancaster – also representing Mr & Mrs R Lancaster; R Boulton – also representing J Boulton Rase Steels; Trevor Lyle – also representing Viking Centre; David Newton; Michael Marris – also representing Peter & Steven Marris; John Bayes & Thelma – also representing Lincs Cricket Club; Mary & David Russell; James Milligan (Manby); Judith Bradfield; Peter & Pauline Strawson; Fred Kirkby; Liz & Eric Bell; Rosamond Wildsmith & Sally; Eileen Rushby; Alan Bruntlett; Richard & Janet Lenton; Patrick Cordingly – also representing “Chatterton’s”; Margaret Sergeant – also representing Mrs D A Oliver, Mr & Mrs John Oliver & Mr & Mrs Quentin Parker; Tim May CBE TD DL – (Woodstock); Mr & Mrs Robert Gibson-Bevan – also representing Mr S Lawson, James Milligan (Manby) & Mr 7 Mrs Ray Graham; Ian Walter – also representing Tim Atkinson & J H Walter; Richard & Ann Mazur; David Maultby; Alison Cowell; Linda Smith; David Ward and Rebecca – also representing Sally Ward; Mike & Diane Shepherd; Margaret Sergeant – also representing Wragby Town Hall; David Cosgrove – also representing Sue & Maurice Poucher and Ray Vickers; Trevor Whitley; Janet & David Ingamells; Lucy Jackson – also representing Robin Jackson & Bridget Jackson; Mary Lord – “Chattersons”; Julie Bourn; Mr & Mrs Mark Blow; Mr & Mrs Ian Bell; Keith & Kay Olivant – also representing Neil & Bridget Sanderson; Graham Porter; Martin Vickers; Sir Edward Leigh – MP; Mr & Mrs John Godfrey – also representing Jonathan Jackson; C Alvalez-Iuya – also representing the Shaw family of East Keal; Daniel Jobe – also representing Mason’s Chartered Surveyors & Louth Auctioneers; Richard Treadgold – also representing Mrs Helen Treadgold, James & Rachael, Mr David Straw, Mr Jeremy Wright; Paul Marris; Mr & Mrs Bill Strawson; D P Chambers; F F Chambers – also representing the Chambers family; Mr N Sharp – also representing G M Cooper & M L Perkins; Mr Whisby (Wizz): John Draper; Robert Ginn; Mr & Mrs Alcock; Barbara Gutherie – also representing Alistair Gutherie; Joan Branston – also representing Bob Winter; Angela Bryant; John Colley; Charles Roe – also representing Mr & Mrs P Rise; Richard Plaskitt – also representing Michelle; Richard Thompson; Mr L Clarke; Mark Grain; Mr & Mrs J Evans – also representing Mrs J Richardson; Mark Whittaker – also representing Frontier Agriculture; David Nelson; Roy Tuplin; Stuart Parnham; Chris Dunderdale; Geoff Walker; David Vine; Brendon Murphy – also representing Joan Murphy and family; Alison Bunn – also representing Wragby Football Club; Neil Crawford Smith; Nigel Wood; Mr & Mrs Dave Ingall – also representing Martin Chapman “Louth Museum”; David & Naomi Steel; Harry & Helen Holland; Richard Arlott; Janet 7 Graham Cannon; Malcolm Sharpe – also representing Mr & Mrs Tony Frost; David Hoyes; Councillor Dennis Hoyes; Jonathan Brant – also representing National Farmers Union (East Midlands); James More – also representing Tim Olivant; Stephen Oliver; Kate Lear; Andrew and Helen Olivant; Graham Hill – also representing the Hill family; Peter McNeill – also representing Gainsborough Conservative Association; Rosemary Morris; Stuart Burden; Liz Day – NIDERA; Chris Bayliss; Peter Houldershaw; Robert Bell – also representing Barry Percival; Tony Wing – also representing Robert Bell & Co; Neil Burton; Graham Oliver; Chris Oliver; Martin Oliver; Dave Short – also representing Sue Short; Roger Douglas; Edward Fowler; Mr & Mrs John Newborough – also representing Margaret Pinney; Paul Hoyes; Jennifer and Geoff Bolton; Christopher, Judy Georgia, India Day, - also representing Alexandra Day and Ann Hobbins; Jane Jameson; Andy Jameson; David & Lilian Needham- also representing staff of A A Needham & Son; Graham Brown; Henry Ward; Chris Fox; Harby Staff; Mr & Mrs Peter Ingall; Mr C Ingall; Mr R Bell – also representing Wragby Young Farmers; Mr M King; Vicky Folly – ex receptionist; Michael Curtis; Mandy Johnson – also representing Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society; David Dring; Nigel Dring – also representing J GDring & Son; Andrew Firth – also representing Frontier Agriculture; Jane Burrows – also representing Lincoln Red Society; Mike Norcress; David Gaunt; Gail and Charley Bullock; Norman Oliver; Neville Oliver; Christopher Oliver; Sally Oliver; Emily Bourn; Nigel Rhodes – also representing David & Lisa Flux & Richard Dale; Roger & Margaret Picket; Dermot Spurrier; Edward Dale – also representing Julie Dale; Robert Dale – also representing Marion Hall; Jane Hales – also representing Neil & Freda Cooper; Jayne Southall – also representing Lincoln Agricultural Society; Michael Read; Paul Strawson – also representing Michael & Neil Strawson, and Geoff Slight; Robert Smith; Dawn Wilson – also representing Irby; Martin Wilson; Mr & Mrs Baxter; Giles Johnson – also representing D D M Agriculture; Bob Hornby; Anne Reeves; Debra Challender – also representing Paul Fuller; Rachel Pygott; Brian Wilkinson – also representing Jack & Michael Wilkinson; Toby & Sarah Dennis; Stuart Cox – also representing Gareth Wilson; Roland Freeman; Richard & Liz Milligan (Manby) – also representing Jeanne Parkes; R P Hairsine; Adrian Tutty; John Lingard; Ralph & Mairi Thornally – also representing “Sutton Settled Estates” and Julie & Nick Turner; Rebecca Ward; David Ward – also representing Sally Ward; Liz & Keith Stephenson; Jane Nutting – also representing the Makin family; Eileen Espin – also representing Jo and Adie; Nick & Sue Olivant; Bronwyn Wallis – also representing Paul Wallis; Gary Rawlings – also representing “Farm-star Ltd”; Kelly & Stuart McDowal; William Shepherd; Mr & Mrs P J Cook; Daryl Dunn – also representing “Ireland Farm Machinery”; Jack and Pam Machin – also representing “Wragby Show & Country Fayre”, Charlie & Jan Hyland, Chris & Rosemary Anderson, Barry & Margaret Poucher, Susan Cosgrove & Maurice Poucher; Robert & Pauline Hardman – also representing “Short Ferry”; r & Mrs G Bean – also representing David Holland; Denis Brader – also representing Jean & John Brader; Roy Laughton & Rachel; Julie Bourn; Councillor Bill Aron; Mike Daniells – also representing Steve Whorton; Brian Simpson; Neil Mumby; Martin Duckworth – also representing “Duckworth Landrover”; Neil & Alison Wilson – also representing C L A; Charles Dobson – also representing Mrs Valda Dobson; Steven & Mary Weaver; Roger Warwick – also representing Rachel Warwick; Rodwell Spencer; Matthew and Victoria Cherry.