OBITUARY: Graham Smalley

The funeral of Graham Smalley, from Horncastle, took place at Queen Street, Methodist Chapel, Horncastle.

Graham passed away at the age of 79 and is greatly missed by Janet, his close family and by his many friends who will have many stories to tell and memories to enjoy.

Family Mourners: Janet Smalley (wife); Stanley (son); Alan & Gill (son and daughter in law); Rodney & Sandra (nephew & niece) also representing Florence (sister); Keith Gosling (cousin); Mrs Rita Littleworth (cousin); Raymond & Connie Bogg (brother in law & wife); Mrs Ann Blanchard (sister in law) also representing Henry (husband);Stephen & Sarah Bogg (brother in law & wife); Bernard Bogg (brother in law); Dawn & Roland Brockson (sister in law & husband).

Other mourners: Mr John Holmes, Eric & Dorothy Limb, Barry & Hilda Mason also representing Trevor, Roy Marwood, Muriel Mullins, Caroline Whittaker, John Firth, Nichola Rutter, Mary Allen, Mrs Dixon, Joyce Goodacre (also representing family), Stewart Goodacre, Mr David Goodacre (also representing Anita), Norman Warren, Margaret Skayman (also representing family), Paul Brown, John Needham, Mick Parker, Phyllis Chapman, Brian & Ann Lund, David Pogson, Kerry Pogson, Mr & Mrs Steve Roberts, Mrs Irene Roberts, Lorna & Graham Kelsey, Bob Hunt, Kath Paddison, Peter & Carol Spittlehouse (also representing Mrs M Dixon), Mr & Mrs H.A. Brooks, Mr David Platt, Sally Graham (also representing Raymond & Betty), Mr & Mrs G Damms, Phyllis Simpson, Jenny Rees, Mrs Hill, Mrs P Bogg, Zara Walker & Jo Lee (representing Toray Pines Coningsby).