OBITUARY: Grace Smith

Grace Smith EMN-140730-120514001
Grace Smith EMN-140730-120514001

Grace Smith Of Laythorpe Gardens, Coningsby, passed away at the Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, aged 79 years on June 20.

She is survived by daughter Pauline Bell, son Wayne Smith, Grandchildren: Anna Sutcliffe, Stuart Bell, Linzi Coney, Daniel Smith, Shannan Smith and Great Grandchildren: Georgia Sutcliffe, Charlie Bell and Alexandra Sutcliffe.

Grace was born in New York, Lincolnshire, and worked as a shop assistant, a factory worker pre-packing vegetables and a land worker, until her retirement in 1983.

Her funeral was held on July 2 at Coningsby Methodist Church and was officiated by E.Smith; funeral directors were Michael Sivills.

Family mourners were: Pauline Bell and Derek Bell (daughter and son-in-law), Wayne and Mandy Smith (son and daughter-in-law), Anna and Andrew Sutcliffe (granddaughter and husband), Stuart and Paula Bell (grandson and wife), Linzi and Rob Coney (granddaughter and husband), Joan and George Coupland (sister and brother-in-law), Joyce and Derek Piggins (sister and brother-in-law), Fred and Carol Grant (brother and sister-in-law), Phyliss Connington (sister), Mary Gosline (sister), Bet Warsap (sister), Ernest Leimanis (brother-in-law), Mandy and Brain Pessell, Sally MacLeod, Helen and Gary Brown, Gary Piggins, Mr and Mrs P. Blackburn, Trudy Watkinson, Edward Gosline, Dawn Tilbury, Sylvia and Paul Millen, Jane Green, George Brown, all nieces, nephews and partners.

Other mourners were: Keith Appleyard, Mrs Barbara Limb, Vanessa and Paul, Mrs Mackinder, Malcolm and Barbara Jackson, Ann Gray, Mrs Fountain, Joyce Watts, Angela Maxwell, Mrs Sylvia Bark, Mrs Nobbs, Mrs Dawson, Mr and Mrs Michael Hutton, Anne and Stephen Bell, Gordon and Judith Laird also rep Catherine, Rebecca Short, William Laird, Mrs Hall, Maureen Edge, Douglas Waters, Debbie Money also rep Bob, Tracy Clark rep Mrs and Mrs B Hopper, Patricia Pick, Linda Bell also rep John, Doreen Hutton, Pat Butler, Shelly Brooks, Val Simpson, Mrs Mary Johnson, Mrs Yvonne Orrey, Raymond and Linda Kirk, Ron Bateman, Norman and Robina Dennis, Mrs Pell, Denise Cockburn, Robin and Janet Dallywater, Mrs Brough, Mr and Mrs V Smith, Robert Smith, Barbara Cook, Norman How, Mrs Fanny Rowston, Mrs Dean, Mr and Mrs Scarboro, Mr and Mrs Blackburn, Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Dawn Tilbury, Tracy Dallywater, Mrs Tointon, Mrs Georgina Argyle, Ben Lake, Jayne Moorhouse, and others.