OBITUARY: Frank Griffin

By Keith Deeley

I had the privilege to attend the funeral of Frank Griffin on Friday December 20 at St Mary’s Church.

Sad occasion though it was, it was also inspiring.

Inspiring because Frank was an orphan, placed in the Children’s Home on Mareham Road in the in the early 1940s with no known relatives, and here we were with a brim-full church with extended family and friends.

Frank died of cancer at the young age of 73 surrounded by a loving partner, four daughters and their families, grandchildren and a recent addition, a six-week old great-granddaughter, plus many of his life’s acquaintances.

From humble beginnings Frank has built his memory and etched it onto our consciousness.

Most of the ‘Homes boys and girls’ have gone on to do well and learnt the meaning of family life and its value to society.

The sadness of the parting was eased by a day full of love and respect by all present.

We witnessed a cocoon of family love.

Well done Frankie.

The following ‘Homes Kids’ came to say their last farewells: John and Keith Deeley, Brian Woods, Ann Aspin (nee Norton), and former administratos; David Espin, Joyce Woods (nee Espin), Tony Baines and Norman Vardy, son of the former Superintendent.

Family mourners: Jenny Jackman, partner, Nichola Griffin, daughter, Karen and Tim Watkins, daughter and son-in-law, Rachelle and Adrian Cryan, daughter and son-in-law, Hazel Stacey and Nik Dean, daughter and partner, Charlotte Cryan, granddaughters, Lawrence, James, Thomas and Oscar Davey, Oliver and Willian Stacey, grandsons, Tom and Jess Watkins, Anna Wilkinson, rep Florence Griffin Davey.

Other mourners: Dave Jacky Cross, Simon Cross, Hayley Cross, Tony Scott, Richard Spencer, Mark Else, Greg and Liz Williams, Barry and Elaine Wait, Deirdre Williams, rep F Carter, Mike Croft, Pam Emmerson, rep Malc, Paula Hattersley, rep John.

Ann Shinn, rep family, Nathan Williams, Amanda Whalley, Helen McGinn, Sally and George Edwards, Lisa Wilkinson, Keith Gosling, Mark and Nicola Davey, Mr and Mrs Murdock, Mr and Mrs F Waddington, Andrew Truscott, Anne Clark, rep Tony Clark.

Philip Stacey, May and Malc Walker, Mr and Mrs R Brooks, rep family and hair & beauty salon, Irene Hornsey, rep Stewart, Brian and Joyce Woods, Donna and Katie Staniszewski, Rebecca Hassall, Mike Wilson, P Hare, rep Val, Don and Sue Hare, Sally and Paul White, rep family and Laurels service station, Avel Short.

Vicky Kingswood, Ray Weightman, Tina Owen, rep Jenna, Richard Owen, Barry Shinn, Tony Baines, Simon and Lesley Edmunds, Ian and Yvonne Kendall, Mr and Mrs J Cryan, Tim Cryan, Mick and Bernice David, Judy Jardy, rep Karl and Darron, Norman Vardy, rep Sandra Vardy and Ann Achilles (nee Vardy), Mr and Mrs D Williams, John Deeley, Keith Deeley, rep Derek Deeley, Viv and Cliff Stacey, Richard Boucher, Dave Thomas.

Maureen Creasey, rep Malc, Alan Clark (ex-British Sugar), John Espin, Christopher Oliver, Neville Oliver, Tim Benson, Emma Shinn, Linda Shinn.

Barbara and Tony Killeen, Mr and Mrs Miles (ex-British Sugar), Justin Laughton, Stephanie Goulsbra, Paul Newton, Kevin Newton, Ann and David Espin, Adrian Reavill, S Patrick, Roy Sutton, rep Pam.

Jean Storr (nee Fox), Ray Bushell, rep Peter Marshall, Steve Wych, rep Tim Graves, Mr and Mrs D Day, A Harradine, Amy and Andre Staniszewski, Chris Slack, Amber Walker.