Obituary: Eileen Rose Johnson

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. EMN-171104-080626001

The funeral service for Eileen Rose Johnson, aged 92 years of Mareham le Fen, was held in the parish church.

The Rev Kathy Bush officiated at the service and arrangements w-ere by Michael H Sivill of Coninsgby.

Eileen was born in the parish of Mareham le Fen.

Over the years, she undertook landwork and housework, as well as doing a bread round, shop work, factory work in Boston and packing at a veg factory.

She retired at the age of 60.

She enjoyed gardening and also belonged to the Tuesday Club and lunch club in Mareham le Fen.

She also supported the Red Cross, as a collector for nine years, the church and chapel.

Family mourners were: Margaret Johnson (sister); Mrs J Longmate and son, Mrs Gregory and son, Mr and Mrs M Hanson, Mr and Mrs D Knott, Wendy Grayman, Mrs J Franklin, Mr W Cargill and daughter, Mr and Mrs M Rogers, Mr and Mrs K Barnes (also rep Mr G Cargill), Mr and Mrs B Rogers (cousins).

Also present in church were: Mr and Mrs Maulton and granddaughter; Mr and Mrs R Wilson; Mick Gosling (rep the family); Joan Gosling (also rep Colin); Gillian Dean; Mrs Cook; Mr and Mrs Peter Bass; Matthew and Caroline Lee; Jenny Palmer and Daniel; Mr and Mrs Freeston; Ann Roberts; Heather Beattie; Mr and Mrs Scarboro; Michael Gregory; Joan Gregory; Margaret Parker; Iris Parker; Mr and Mrs Sumner; Ruby Salmon; Di Behan; Judith Iremonger; Mrs J Hodgson; Mr and Mrs John Spikings; Mary Sivill; Jane Sharp; Sarah Vinters; Stephanie Knowles.