OBITUARY: Dennis Avison

Dennis Avison's Guard of Honour
Dennis Avison's Guard of Honour
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The funeral of Dennis Avison from Woodhall Spa, aged 87 years was held recently at Lincoln Crematorium followed by a memorial service at St Peters Church, Woodhall Spa.

Dennis passed away suddenly in December and is greatly missed by Maureen and all his close family, and his many friends who will all have many stories to tell and memories to enjoy.

Dennis was in the Fire Service for over 30 years and as a tribute was taken to his last call on the vintage fire engine ‘Betsy’ shadowed by six Woodhall Spa Firemen, this would have made him a very proud man. Sally Smithson officiated at the service and arrangements were by Michael H Sivill.

Family Mourners:

Maureen Avison, (wife); Andrew and Sue, (son and daughter in law); Paul and Steve, (son and partner); Tommy and Ruthie, (grandchildren); Stan and Cindy Avison, (brother); Jim and Kay, (brother); Betty Tempest, (sister); Nancy and Alan Foxcrot, (sister); Shirley Foxcroft and Neil, (sister); Betty Diggins, (sister in law); Michael, Katie and Jake Bycroft, Richard, Ann and George Avison, Jane and Gary Avison, Lyn Cowell, Luke Shepherd,(nephew and nieces).

Other at the service:

Mr and Mrs K Butlin, Dr and Mrs Vandewalle, Chris and Sarah Wright, Shaun Avison, Andrew Maltby, J Maltby, Mr and Mrs Pocklington, Mary Dean (representing Mrs Fidling); Christine Grey, Amanda and David McCracken, Graham Parsons, Mike Atkinson, Peter Gretham, Andy Bradley, Mr and Mrs R Lockey, Graham and Sue Finney, Grace and Elle, Peter Jackson, Gill Pegrem, Lesley Picker (representing Martin), Sandra Wilson, Basil Kelly, Mr and Mrs S Robinson, Jane and Peter Wright, Colin and Kate Wells (representing Lily and Phoebe), John Swin, Gary Burgess, David Waller, Ann and Maurice Hanson, Dennis Maltby, Barry Harness, Pat Brown, Peter, Jo Trott, Mr and Mrs A Newstead, Alan Burgess, Nigel Brown, Peter and Audrey Ruston, T Curtis (representing Mr and Mrs Beebe); Daphne Burgess, Walt Newstead, Keith Rolls, John Smithson, M Webb, Barry Scott (representing Bridget), David Hoyes, June and John Gash, Richard Walter, Mr and Mrs H Hare (representing Kathryn); Rose Wortley (representing John); Gren Butterfield, John and Lorraine Archer, Michael Carter (representing Hilary), Keith Maltby, Patty Armstrong, Tony Armstrong (representing Woodhall cricket club); Howard Brown (representing June), Ann Avison, TW. TS Parkinson, R Pinning (representing Lesley); Mr and Mrs R Johnson, Carol Baxter, Paul Hoyes, Ivan Lilley, Jenny Hare, Neil Harness, Jake Tate, Amy Harwood, John Wilkinson, Andrew Pinning, Andrew Game, Mr and Mrs M Baxter (representing Violet), Mrs C Coupland (representing John); Graham Bourke, Roger Papworth (representing Mrs Papworth, Simon Galbraith, Betty Steel, Mick Pickwell, Linda. Peter Pickwell, Mr and Mrs M Robinson, Beryl and Neil Finney, Mrs Draper, Brian Garrill, Danny Wells, Barbara Jackson, Carol Marshall, Mr and Mrs Avery, Martin Williams, Lorraine Shepherd (representing David); Maxine Shaw (representing Joyce Dixon); Sam, Ben, Emily patrick, Mr and Mrs Freeman, Bob Wells, Sandra Taylor, Barry Harness, Freda Allan (representing Mick); Simon and Liz Eve also ( representing Allan Laid-Law); Julie Sharpe (representing David); Robert Bloom, Terry and June Norman, Shirley Cubley, Lee Gilbert, Brian Kirkham, Pat Franklin, Tim Johnson, Peter Jones, Jean Storr, Thelma Jackson, Sophie, Keith Wilkinson, Karen Smith, Marlena and Dave Salton, Mr and Mrs B Gilbert, Mary, Andrew and Lee Creasey, Chris Hiberd, Mr and Mrs Lawer (representing Sue Curtis), All Carraher, Tim Joyce Fire Service Divisional Commander, Ian, Martin, Ross, Allen, Carl, Graham (firmen) and others.