Obituary: Charles Samuel Humberstone

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Family, friends and neighbours were saddened to hear of the death of Sam Humberstone, who died at Willan House, Stanfield, aged 92.

Sam was born at Apley, brother of Ralph, and was educated at Stanfield School.

Upon leaving school, he worked on a farm at Kingthorpe. When his parents moved to Wragby, he worked at Holmes Woodyard, before being called up to serve with the Army in Singapore.

Once demobbed, he courted and married Thelma at All Saints’ Church, Wragby, in 1947, and the couple went on to live in a few homes before settling in Louth Road.

They had two daughters – Norma and Nola - and enjoyed their family life.

Sam had returned to Holmes Woodyard as sawyer and crane driver until he retired in 1990.

He was also a retained fireman in Wragby and remembered the Flixborough disaster.

He took part in many local events, enjoying dominoes with Molly and Edward, proprietors at The Adam and Eve; bowling with the Dove Park Bowls Club; being a member of the Royal British Legion and playing bingo at the town hall.

Sam is survived by his wife, Thelma, daughters Norma and Nola, four grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements were made by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Thelma Humberstone (wife); Norma and Nola, Tom and Ian (daughters and sons-in-law); Darren and Sally, Nikki and Paul, Jess and Dan, Tiff and Adam (grandchildren); Lewis, Sam, Cameron, Millie and Lylli (great-grandchildren); Rex and Rita Dixon (cousins); Derek (cousin); Ralph (brother, unable to attend); Barry and Janet (uncle), Kathy, Pauline Raithby, Colin Knowles. Sarah and Andy Knowles, Tressa Machin, Joyce Knight, Jack and Liz Spencer, Geoff Ward, Alan Humphries, Doreen Williams, Valerie Willian House, Alan Lingard, Bobby Denny, Doreen Perry, Madge Janine.

Names taken at the crematorium and All Saints’ Church. Dove Park Bowls Club members Alan Bancroft, Ken Davison and Doreen Williams, John Kane, J Janney and Madge, Brian and Ann Lingard, Bernard Pixsley, Reg Houlden and Doreen, Graham Osborne, S Stubley, Betty Ward, K Wright, Eric Taylor, Den Denny, B Denny, Gordon Blackburn, J Knight; Bob Clark (acting verger); Sue Dixon (also representing Kevin Dixon); Tim Rowson (also representing Doreen); Dorothy Warr (also representing Dave Warr); Andrea Ward; Sue Johnson (also representing Paul Johnson); Eileen Espin; Sheila Cartwright (organist); Russ and Sue Millson; Ann Johnson (also representing Neil and David Johnson); Susan Wynter (also representing John and Linda Bell); Ray King; David Howsam (representing Rosemary Howsam); Dot Sandaver; John and Sandra Tindall; Kate Tindall (also representing Emma Enderby); Aimee Tindall; Margaret and Fred Robinson (rep resenting Jill Whitfield); Margaret Kane (also representing Saturday Bingo Club); Mr and Mrs Roy Shuttleworth (also representing Eric Sergeant); Vicky James; John Johnson (also representing the Johnson family); Mr and Mrs Osborne; Reg Williams; Mick Shepherd; Brian Marshall (also representing Royal British Legion); Mrs J Marshall; John Edwards (also representing Lynne Edwards); Brenda Bodily; Alan Smart (also representing Stan Grundy); Margaret Jones; John and Elizabeth Spencer; Karen Hipkiss; Janet and Barry Hipkiss; Derek Jesney; Rex and Rita Dixon; Doreen Perry; Roy Holden; Andrew Whiley; Mr and Mrs J Janney; John Shires (also representing Willan House); Kay Franklin; Valerie Blinston; Roy Howard.