OBITUARY: Brenda Marwood

On Tuesday November 11th St. Margaret’s Church Hemingby was filled with family and friends for the Thanksgiving Service for the life of Brenda Marwood who died in the County Hospital Lincoln on October 9th aged 67years.

Brenda was born at Bullington Nr. Wragby,she was the youngest of six children born to Alfred and Gertrude Bedford. Although Brenda was born at Bullington her father was a farm worker an occupation which led him to follow work as required, until he eventually settled at Hall Farm Martin Nr. Horncastle.

It was at a garden fete in aid of Martin Church where she first met John, and it was here they married on June 22nd 1974.

Their first home together was at Worlaby and it was here their two children Julie-Dawn and Stuart were born. Brenda was immensely proud of them both.

They moved to Hemingby in 1993. Brenda did not attend church unless it was for a special occasion, but was always prepared to help out at any fund raising events, making tea, washing up, and anything else that needed doing. Having been well trained by her mother she was an excellent cook, baking cakes, making jam,chutney,egg custards and piccalilli and winning prizes in the local flower and produce shows in Hemingby,Horncastle and Coningsby.

In 2009 she became a Great Grandmother when Jessica was born. On June 22nd this year John and Brenda celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Brenda had baked a cake for Christmas just before she went into Queens Medical Centre Nottingham for major surgery in December 2013. When she came home they both decided to save it, and Julie iced and decorated it with red roses for their anniversary, and as John said when he read the Tribute to his wife, they will never taste anything like it again.

He said it would be a lie to say they didn’t have any disagreements they did, but they came through. In their marriage vows Brenda wouldn’t say she would obey, and she didn’t!! But they both promised to Love and to cherish until death do us part, and on October 9th death did just that. Brenda was a no nonsense, positive caring lady, who knew her own mind and was never afraid to have her own opinions. Her personality, her character, and her spirit, will live on forever in our hearts.

The Thanksgiving Service for Brenda was conducted by Revd.Avril Ford and was attended by John Marwood (husband) Julie Marwood and Paul Richards also rep.Jessica (daughter partner and great granddaughter) Stuart Marwood (son) Mr Mrs Brian Wells (nephew and wife)unable to attend, Mr K Wells (nephew also rep.Pat Wells) Karen Cornwell (niece also rep Ian Cornwell) Jane Ranshaw (niece) Sheridan Young and Katelyn (great niece also rep. partner Kurt) Ricky Young (great nephew also rep.partner Samantha and Caleb) Fred Parker (cousin) Mr Mrs Freiston (cousin) others attending- Nigel Wright, Brenda Cousner, Mr Mrs John Newborough also rep. Mrs Shirley Cooke, Alison Newborough, and Mr Mrs A Fothergill, Betty Morton (churchwarden) Pat Bryant (churchwarden) Jean Bandean (organist) Sue Fletcher rep.Bob Fletcher, Mrs Roberts, Mr Mrs Brooks, Robert Ward rep. Derek and Margaret Ward, Mr Mrs H Frear, Mrs Potton,Miss J Clark.Mrs Barbara Tempest, Phyll Durrow , Mrs K Birks,Mr Keith Baguley,Mr Mrs B Goodhall, Roy and Angela Marsh, Terry Salmons, Mr D Clawson, Mrs J Clawson, Mr M Baumber,Dorothy and Jack Goldie, Judie and Alan Smith, Diane Stephenson rep.Paul, Bob and Joyce Parish, Tony and Beryl Richards, Margaret Greenaway,Theresa and Barry Grover, Bill and Barbara Waite, Carly Dowman, William Grover, Jean and Barry Ramshaw,Mr Mrs R Bark rep. Marie and Andrew,Mr Mrs T Carroll, Ian Robson rep.Jenny Robson,Michael and Sheena Read, Charlie Bryant, Councillor Lynda Baker, Lynn MacInnes,Christopher Shearer, Jill Smith, Maurice Jones, Alison Fairchild, Amanda Sale rep.Trevor and Irene Morton, Margaret Clark, Chris Hurst, Gerry and Maureen O’Neill, Ron and Joyce Fisher, Tim Beith, Ann Clark, Claire Cleaver, Revd,Cheryl Hilliam and Ted Hilliam.