OBITUARY: Beryl Stanley

The funeral of Mrs Beryl Stanley took place at St Peter’s Church, Woodhall Spa, on Friday December 19, 2014 at 12.30pm.

List of mourners who attended were: Mr H Stanley, Mr T Stanley, Mr E Coster, Mrs W Coster, Mrs S Maslen, Mrs P Toogood, Mrs A Hutcherson, Alex and Johanne Nord, Brian and Anne, Bob and Irene Hansom, Mrs Glenis Burgess, Mr S Toogood, Mr N Toogood, Mr and Mrs Trinder, Mr and Mrs B Graham, Peter and Jean Ellis, Pat and Patrick Brady, Dave Maslen, Ann Maslen, Debbie Neale, Mr and Mrs M Boote, Eileen and Ian Aitken, Patrick Newton, Elizabeth and Alan Jude, Jeanette and Raymond Lewis, Mr and Mrs C Fox, Alan Lenton, Coral Elderfield, Malcolm and Doreen Slater, Dorothy and John Loke, Arthur and Christine Willis, Alan Raymond rep The Bowls Club, Jean Girling rep The Bowls Club, Roy Simmons, Amy Hibbert, John Gee, Margaret and Duncan MacNorton, Paul and Susan Hobson, Maureen and Charlie Davis (friends), Mr and Mrs Darling, Mrs June Foote, Mr Dave Walsh, Mr and Mrs Bernie and Sue Buck, Mr and Mrs Underwood, Mr A Hutcherson, Paula and Nigel Gregory, Ann Stanton, Mr and Mrs Brown, Ann and John Driver with Rui, Reg and Val Ladyman, Mr and Mrs D Hall, Mr and Mrs J Hall, Mr and Mrs Bradshaw, Mr and Mrs Hancock, Mr and Mrs Kirk Field, Mr and Mrs L Totter, Mr and Mrs Fletcher, Mary Priestley, Val Sylvester rep Woodhall Bowls Club, Brenda and Billy Blakebrough, Mr and Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs Ashdown.