Now, I can see my kids grow up says slimline Tony

Tony Trapmore and son Oakley
Tony Trapmore and son Oakley
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A champion slimmer from Horncastle has revealed a burning desire to see his two young children grow up was behind his amazing weight loss.

Tony Trapmore (50) has shed more than eight stones in just 10 months after joining the town’s Slimming World Group.

Earlier this year, he topped the scales at 28st 10lbs and had 48 inch waist.

His blood pressure was a worrying 160/98 and he regularly had to pay £120 for a designer shirt - if he could find one large enough to fit him.

Now, he’s less than 19 stones, has a 36 inch waist and his blood pressure has dropped to a more doctor approving 130/80.

Tony says he feels a “different person”.

Together with partner Bev, he admits the arrival of baby son Oakley convinced him to lose weight.

Tony, a lorry driver, told the News: “I’ve always been a big lad and often thought about losing weight.

“To be honest, it was more a problem for other people than me.

“I can remember my daughter, who is eight, coming home from school and some of the other kids had told her I didn’t pick her up (from school) because I was too fat to get through the gate.

“That really brought it home to me.

“Then, Oakley came along and I decided I had to do something.

“I wanted to see my kids grow up. The weight I was, there was a danger that wouldn’t happen.”

Tony’s health issues increased a few years ago when he damaged both his legs in a work-related accident.

Doctors told him he would only ever walk again with sticks - because of his size.

He added: “I’d go on holiday with my partner and daughter. They’d go for a walk and I’d have to sit in the car.

“I didn’t even want to go shopping - if it meant walking.

“I was missing out on so much.”

Some weekends, Tony would drink almost 30 pints and was a long-time champion in an eating competition at a local pub.

He added: “Looking back, it was nothing to be proud of.

“Now, I have a lot healthier lifestyle although I still have my treats. I’m walking a lot better. I’m swimming 65 or 70 lengths. I feel great.

“Losing weight has made a world of difference to me - and my family. If I can lose weight, so can anyone.”