No plans to close Woodhall Spa store, say Budgens


A leading supermarket has confirmed it has no plans to close its store in Woodhall Spa.

Budgens confirmed last week that it was axing 36 outlets across the country.

That sparked concerns the Woodhall Spa store could be on the hit list.

However, Budgens stressed the stores affected were those bought by another company - Food Retailers Operations Limited - in a separate deal.

Budgens said that company had gone into administration.

A Budgens spokesman confirmed the Woodhall Spa branch would remain open.

He said the 36 stores affected by closure were initially purchased by Food Retailers Operations Limited from the Co-op last July and subsequently traded under the Budgens brand.

According to reports, over 800 jobs are at risk across the country.

Confirmation the Woodhall Spa branch would remain open was welcomed by residents and customers.

Pensioner Malcolm Taylor (82) said: “There are only a couple of supermarkets in Woodhall and if one of them had done, it would not be good.

“My wife and I like Budgens. It’s on the doorstep and if it had closed, I don’t know how we could have managed.

“Neither of us drive now so we’d have had to rely on family or friends.

“There’s very few buses any more so that would have been no good.”

Mary Allison (66) added: “They (Budgens) have just refitted the store so I would be surprised if they shut it.

“A lot of local people use it.

“I find it a bit more expensive than some other supermarkets but at least it is handy

and it means you don’t have to travel miles.”

Lucy Adamson (34) said she thought there was demand in Woodhall Spa for another supermarket.

She added: “I’m surprised one of the really big supermarkets hasn’t set up here.

“They are building all these new homes and all the new people coming will have to shop somewhere.

“There’s visitors as well.

“Personally, I’d like to see one of the discount supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl because not everyone in Woodhall is loaded!”