Nice one, Cyril - but not in Horncastle!

First, it was ‘Percy’ the pigeon and all his pals - but now it’s ‘Cyril’ the swan and his mates who are causing feathers to fly in Horncastle.

Last month, town councillors urged people to stop feeding pigeons amid claims the birds were causing a mess on pavements and damaging buildings.

The swan at the centre of the controversy.

The swan at the centre of the controversy.

Now, the council is asking residents to think carefully before feeding ‘Cyril’ and the ducks who congregate on the River Bain near Tesco bridge.

For years, families have fed the ducks which have become something of an attraction. The ducks appear to thrive on a diet of bread and the odd chip or two.

But at last week’s town council meeting, a letter from a Horncastle mum was read out.

And, it appears ‘Cyril’ is very much the villain of the piece.

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