NHS England responds to the claims

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Jim Heys, locality director for NHS England in Lincolnshire, said: “NHS England recognises the need for greater investment in primary care services, both in general practice 
and in wider community-based services.

“Overall investment in general practice in NHS England’s first year of operation, 2013/14, was £8.75 billion, up 3.5 per cent on 2012/13 and a 1.6 per cent increase in real terms.

“Our key priority is to ensure that patients have access to high quality GP services. Currently there are four GP partners at the Horncastle Medical Group.

“A number of other local practices also accept patients living in the area. We are working with our partners on initiatives to help to support the recruitment of GPs in Lincolnshire. As part of this, NHS England has provided funding for the Local Medical Council to develop the ‘Marketing Lincolnshire General Practice’ initiative.

“The GP recruitment incentive package is designed to attract new GPs into the area. The scheme was introduced this summer and it is too early to understand what impact the scheme will have on recruitment locally.”

On the subject of Section 106 agreements, Mr Heys added: “NHS England seeks financial contributions for primary medical care infrastructure from housing developers, where appropriate, in response to the majority of planning applications.

“In order to produce successful s106 requests, legal tests must be met. NHS England works very closely with Clinical Commissioning Group and planning colleagues to develop robust requests for s106 funding.”

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