NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: ‘It’s been life changing’

Jenny Laird
Jenny Laird

Lots of people make New Year resolutions, and for one 56-year-old mum she is aiming to start 2014 with a splash...quite literally.

Jenny Laird has vowed to overcome her fear of water and learn how to swim having lost more than two and a half stone.

She said: “I was always the biggest among my school peers, even at primary school, and hated getting undressed for PE especially gymnastics and swimming lessons.

“I always imagined that everyone who saw me in my ‘big gym knickers’ and particularly when I had to wear a swim suit thought I looked fat and I am sure because of that I convinced myself I was frightened of the water, and used it as an excuse not to go.”

Jenny, who lives in New York, began to change her life though when she signed up to Slimming World in Tattershall and then joined a gym.

She is now within 11lbs of her goal weight and has already sorted out swimming lessons for 2014.

And as a result of her experiences Jenny decided 
to help other people who 
want to lose weight by becoming a Slimming World consultant.

She added: “Making the decision to become a Consultant has spurred me on.

“I am determined to help people feel as happy and full of (confidence) self esteem 
as I do now that I am getting back into shape in body and spirit”

Anyone interested in joining Jenny’s Slimming World group can go 
along to Tattershall 
Village Hall at 10am every Wednesday.