New Wragby library ‘booking’ the trend

Wragby Library
Wragby Library

Officials at Lincolnshire County Council have dismissed criticism of Wragby‘s new library and insisted it is a resounding success.

Residents have contacted the News, claiming the library is too far away from the centre of the village.

They say older people, in particular, still use a mobile library which visits Wragby.

In addition, there are complaints the library only operates an order system for DVD’s.

The comments come after the library moved into new multi-million pound premises alongside the fire service in May, 2011.

One resident, who asked not to be named said: “The library is on the outskirts of the village. You either have to walk or use a car.

“A lot of elderly people can’t get to the library so they use the mobile one. In the age of cutbacks, it seems to be a waste of resources.”

The resident added she was disappointed the library did not offer a hire service for DVD’s.

She added: “You can order a DVD but you have to wait two or three days to pick it up. In the case of newly released DVD’s, it’s often up to six weeks.

“Ordering is all well and good, but it means yet another trip to pick it up which can’t exactly help the county council’s bid to reduce the carbon footprint.

“If you want to hire a DVD and watch it on the same day, forget it - unless you drive to Woodhall Spa or Horncastle.”

John Platt, head of libraries and heritage at the county council, said there had been a near 25 per cent increase in the use of the library, since it had moved into new premises.

He added: “This isn’t surprising, given the new site is far nicer, has a much wider selection of books and better computers.

“The vast majority of the feedback we’ve received has been positive and it was recently named the most improved library in the county.”

He said DVD’s could be ordered at any branch - or on line.