New venture is ‘APP’ealing to students

Dotcom Technologies EMN-160328-083356001
Dotcom Technologies EMN-160328-083356001

Two former Queen Elizabeth Grammar School students have formed a technology company, proving you are never too young to get into business.

Harry Lee and Liam Hicks from Horncastle, together with friend Corey Potts, all just 18 years-old, launched Dotcom Technologies LTD last December to develop their idea for a student finance app.

The three teenagers are all directors and have an equal share in the company.

“When we came to uni last September we were looking round the App Store and realised there was nothing for students,” said Harry.

“We decided to form the company and look at developing an app relevant to us and our lives.”

The app will be tailored to each student’s location and include supermarket deals, club information and more.

“There is quite a lot of work to do, but we are sure it is manageable,” added Harry.

The original plan was to launch the app this summer, but it does not look as if this will now be possible.

“We have had a lot of company details to sort out, but the app is still something we’re quite passionate about, so hopefully it will be done soon,” said Harry.

He added: “Meanwhile, we are looking at making some websites for people in order to raise finances to help fund our own projects in the future.”