New Typhoons at RAF Coningsby would boost economy


Speculation is mounting that a new squadron of Typhoon jets could be based at RAF Coningsby - giving a much needed boost to the local economy.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced a £178 billion investment in new defence spending over the next decade as part of the Government’s five-year National Security and Strategic Defence and Security review.

The ambitious project will include setting up two new Typhoon squadrons.

One squadron of the fighter jets is already based at Coningsby, bringing jobs and other income to the area.

Although there has been no confirmation from the RAF, it is thought one of the new squadrons will be based at Coningsby - and the other in Scotland.

A source told the News: “Coningsby already has everything in place for the Typhoons and the base is very highly regarded.

“I would be surprised if a new squadron didn’t come to Coningsby.

“It would be tremendous for the area. It wouldn’t just create new jobs but would safeguard the existing workforce at the base.”

The Coningsby Typhoons play a vital role in Britain’s defences and have been launched several times in recent months to combat the threat of Russian aircraft.

It is predicted that Lincolnshire could be one of the areas to benefit the most from the Government’s plans.

County Councillor Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development, said: “As the home of the RAF, this announcement can only be good news for Lincolnshire. The PM has talked about extra spending on Typhoons and drones, both of which are predominantly based in the county.”