New home for new Coningsby vicar

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Coningsby could see the return of a vicar to better serve the Church of St Michael’s.

The Diocese of Lincoln has applied for planning permission to build a new vicarage on land at 22 High Street, Coningsby.

The church says the existing rectory is ‘unfit for purpose’ and has been let as a residential dwelling for some years.

Creating a building plot within the grounds of the existing Rectory would enable the diocesan Board to construct a home that meets church standards.

“At present, St Michael’s Church is administered from the vicarage at Mareham-Le-Fen as a Priest cannot be appointed due to the lack of suitable housing provision in Coningsby,” it said.

The report also said the new building would cover 232m2 with a 37m2 garage also, would be similar in style to the old rectory, but would feature a ‘secure’ lobby to protect its residents.

“It is a sad fact of modern times that statistically 70% of priests have been, or will be the subject of physical assault at their home sometime in their working life.”

Coningsby Town Council has made no objection to the proposal, saying “the parish needs a local Vicar and hopefully this is what this is for.”