New fraud warning after Mablethorpe woman is targeted


Lincolnshire Police have issued a warning about a new fraud hitting the county.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday), a woman in Mablethorpe received a call from someone claiming to represent her lifeline/telephone care service, which is a system of monitored alarms and telephone support for the elderly.

The fraudster claimed that the lady’s payments were not up to date and that she needed to urgently make a payment over the phone or else her lifeline service would cease.

Whilst the lady was deeply worried about owing money, she was also very suspicious and ended the call without paying money or providing any bank details.

Concerned about her lifeline service being cut off, she contacted the Wellbeing Lincs Team who reassured her that all payments were up to date and that they would never contact her to demand money.

A police spokesman said: “Fraudsters target vulnerable and elderly people. We are looking to spread this message as far and wide as possible. Please help us by telling friends, relatives and neighbours who might use a lifeline service.

“Our advice is never provide bank details over the telephone if you have the slightest concern.

“If you are unsure, end the call immediately and seek advice from someone you trust. For police support, please call 101.