Mustard gas canisters in Roughton Woods ‘raise more questions than answers’

Police cordoned off the scene.

The discovery of mustard gas canisters in woodland near Woodhall Spa has ‘raised more questions than answers’ according to a local historian.

Graham Keegan said the Roughton Woods area was renowned locally as a Second World War ammunition dump and discoveries were regularly made.

Police cordoned off the scene.

However, he added the involvement of mustard gas suggested a potential link with the First World War.

Mr Keegan said: “You have to ask whether there was a facility in WW1 for storing chemical weapons.

“If there was, then there are no records and no-one knows anything about it - apart from the military.”

Mr Keegan explained mustard gas was widely used in WW1 - but not in WW2.

He backed calls by police for people to stay away from the area.

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