Mayor pledges to submit detailed expenses claim

Mayor Bill Aron
Mayor Bill Aron

Horncastle’s Mayor Coun Bill Aron has pledged to provide fellow town councillors with a detailed list of his expenses.

Controversy surrounding his expenses hit the headlines in January after Coun Aron was accused at a meeting of submitting claims ‘not in the spirit of the position’.

No actual details were revealed at the time but the fall-out led to Coun Aron calling in police - and the resignation of Coun Jonathan Ferrari.

The issue was raised again at a town council meeting last Tuesday when Coun Maurice Lamb asked Coun Aron when he would be submitting details of his expenses that ‘everyone can understand’.

Coun Aron, who has denied any wrong doing and apologised for calling in police, said he had submitted a draft copy.

Coun Lamb replied: “I can’t make head nor tail of that.”

Coun Aron said: “I will re-do it.”

Coun Lamb pressed: “Can we expect it next week?”

“Yes,” Coun Aron replied:

Coun Lamb then asked: “Will it contain everything?”

“Yes,” said Coun Aron.