Mayor backs calls to improve town path

A section of the 'dangerous' path which is at the centre of safety concerns.
A section of the 'dangerous' path which is at the centre of safety concerns.

The mayor of Horncastle has backed residents who are calling for improvements to be made to a well-used footpath which links the town centre with a major supermarket.

Several people have contacted The News to complain about the state of the path leading from the bridge over the River Bain in Conging Street to the Tesco store.

The path runs alongside the Bain but residents say it is dangerous with tree roots presenting a particular hazard.

Myra Anderson, 74, said: “A lot of elderly people have to walk down the path because the car park is always so busy.

“It (the path) is muddy and uneven but you don’t have any alternative. You see young mums struggling wit pushchairs. It is dangerous.”

Tara Moore (38) said she welcomed recent improvements to other paths in the immediate area but said the state of the ‘Bain path’ stood out like a ‘sore thumb.’

She added: “It’s often the only way to get to Tesco and it should be kept in a lot better condition. Someone must be responsible.”

Town mayor Coun Bill Aron said he understood the concerns of residents and said he would contact East Lindsey District Council about the possibility of putting in a permanent path.

He said: “People have wanted a clear pathway after walking along a grass area.

“Tree routes are sticking up and it’s a trip hazard.

“I can understand people are reluctant to walk through the car park.

“I will ask East Lindsey to look at putting in a pathway. There should be partnership funding available.

”It (the path) is something that elderly or disabled people will have a particular problem with and something needs to be done.”

Coun Aron was speaking at a town council meeting attended by ELDC leader Craig Leyland.

Coun Leyland said he would raise the matter with the relevant officers at ELDC.

Coun Aron also asked whether ELDC would reinstate another path which runs alongside Coronation Walk, next to the River Waring.

He said: “Members of public are having to walk along the road. There was a path. We have shown officers where it was. Can it be reinstated? The roadway by the bowls club floods, People are having to walk through water.”

Coun Leyland said: “I will take these forward.”