Marathon man Tim is tackling capital mission

London bound marathon man Tim Verdon EMN-160112-135927001
London bound marathon man Tim Verdon EMN-160112-135927001

He’s perhaps best known as one of the organisers of Horncastle’s highly successful annual beer festival.

However, Tim Verdon can forget all about pulling pints for a while.

Instead, he’ll be piling up the miles preparation for the 2017 London Marathon.

Tim is something of a late developer in that he will be making his debut as a marathon runner - at the age of 48.

However, he has an extra incentive to tackle a daunting training programme. He will be raising money for Bowel and Cancer Research.

His dad survived bowel cancer 15 years ago and Tim is determined to raise the minimum £2,500 to compete in the marathon.

He said: “When you’ve experienced cancer close at hand it makes you realise how important research is.

“My dad was lucky in that he beat cancer.

“That was in 2002 and, although treatment has definitely improved, there’s still a lot that can be done.”

Tim is well known in Horncastle sporting circles and keeps himself ‘fairly fit’ by playing squash.

A recent fundraising competition at the squash club raised around £350 towards his total.

Tim has also run 10k events before but admits a 26-mile marathon will be an entirely different challenge.

He said: “I’ve started training now which isn’t ideal in the weather we’ve had recently.

“I managed eight miles the other day so there’s a fair bit of work to do yet.

“I like running but ask me in a few months whether I still do!”

Tim aims to step up training by competing in the Lincoln half marathon and he is considering entering other races too.

He added: “I’ve run in the Lincoln 10k a few times and done OK but a marathon is the ultimate test.”

He’s counting on plenty of support - and donations - from family and friends.

Tim is also hoping they will provide encouragement over Christmas and New Year when he admits he might have to call a halt to his training schedule.

Apart from running, Tim and his fellow organisers are also hard at work planning the 2017 Horncastle Beer Festival.

This time sore feet - rather than a sore elbow - could be his main problem!

○ Tim has set up a page for anyone interested in sponsoring him. Visit the Virgin money giving website and type in Tim Verdon.