Malawi venture is a family affair

Maddy McAllister with a furry friend
Maddy McAllister with a furry friend

A sister and brother from Benniworth are living and working in Malawi - and helping raise money for local communities.

Maddy and Cameron McAllister run ‘The Mushroom Lodge’ - an award-winning holiday complex in Northern Malawi near the town of Livingstonia.

Their parents Colin and Susan McAllister bought the site earlier this year and handed responsibility for managing it to their offspring.

Maddy, 22, is a former pupil at Banovallum School in Horncastle while Cameron, 25, attended De Aston School in Market Rasen.

Apart from their day job, the pair are aiming to raise money for the David Gordon Memorial Hospital and various other projects in Livingstonia and their local village, Manchewe.

Mum Susan said: “They love it out there and it is a wonderful part of the world to live and work.

“The people are so friendly and we want to try and do as much as we can to help.”

Apart from the hospital, the McAllister family are hoping to improve conditions at a school in Manchewe.

Susan added: “There are 400 pupils, but the school could do with a new tin roof - and other improvements.

“Anything we can do will be a big help.”

The family have organised a fundraising event at the Angel Coffee House in Lincoln on December 14 between 6pm-9pm.

It will have a Malawi theme and will include a performance from musician Ron N’Komea. Works by artists from Malawai will be available for sale. Maddy and Cameron won’t be attending as they will be otherwise occupied - running The Mushroom Lodge.

Maddy said: “When we arrived, it was sheer excitement and amazing.

“Every day brings new delights and surprises.”