Mair - we need to cut councillor numbers

Colin Mair EMN-150902-155931001
Colin Mair EMN-150902-155931001

A leading county councillor has again stepped up his calls for changes to the system of 
Local Government.

Colin Mair, the UKIP leader on Lincolnshire County Council, sparked a major debate last month when he revealed talks had started about forming a new unitary authority or ‘super’ council.

Coun Mair, who represents Coningsby and Tattershall, says there are too many councillors and changes will be made because of drastic funding cuts.

He said: “In my particular ward, there are three district councillors - and myself.

“That situation is repeated across Lincolnshire.

“It’s crazy. I realise I might be a bit like a turkey who speaks out to promote Christmas but there are too many councillors.

“The current system is wasting time and money. No wonder people are confused when it comes to contacting a councillor.”

Coun Mair favours a single authority which would signal the end of some district councils, claiming it would save “millions of pounds”.