Loved ones remembered by Horncastle Tree of Light

Horncastle Tree of Light 2013
Horncastle Tree of Light 2013

It is expected that Horncastle’s Tree of Light in memory of loved ones this Christmas will have raised another £3,000 for local hospice charities.

More than 200 bulbs were lit by Kelly Pritchard from the St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice in Grimsby at a ceremony on Friday night when a good number of those who sponsored bulbs attended to hear the Tribute List read out.

The project was jointly organised by Horncastle Lions and the Rotary Club of Horncastle. This year all the money raised will be divided between St Barnabas Hospice Trust, The Louth and District Hospice and St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice.

People were invited to sponsor a bulb in return for a minimum recommended donation of £10. Generous support from local businesses means that all the money raised will benefit the charities.

A Tribute List has been placed near the tree, at the corner of East Street and South Street, and on this page, the Horncastle News website, and at

Organisers are delighted with the response local people have made to the Tree of Light, now in its fourth year.

Horncastle Tree of Light Tribute List 2013

Mark James Prochnik, Mr and Mrs Mabelson, Bob Wade, Jenny Stuart, Colin Senior, Sylvia Mawby, Francis Bennett, Fred Bennett, Jean Gibbons, Brian Palin, Arthur Nick Nicholson, Walter Nick Nicholson, Peter Nicolson, Dorothy Scott, Kenneth Moore, Bryan Ernest Lea, Lyndsey Marie Burgess, Bruce Bell, Stanley Burnett, Doris Evelyn Burnett, Roy Burnett, Gordon Jay, Fay Stanley, William Francis Gray “Bill”, Mr and Mrss JW Lancaster, Shelagh Stanton, Kathy Fisher’s Family and Friends, Christopher Gibbs, Cyril Skayman, Gladys Tremeer, Mrs A Towler, Mr R Towler, Alan Saunders, David W Keeling, Jon Bennett, Mary Leggett, Peter Jenkins, Jean Harrison, Sandra Evison, Susan Percival, David Allen, Ian Neil Clarke, Philip and Cissie Church, James Walker, Harry Ely, Marjorie Smith, Amy Beatrice Darby, Ben Smith, Violet Redshaw, Tom Redshaw, Mary Lavinia Brickshaw, Betty and Tom Murphy, Gordon Ellmore, Edna Barber, Joe “Fish” Holyer, Eileen Maher, Tom Gass Clayton, Alfred Jordan, Angus Carmichael, Anne Street, Jenny Harvey, Mrs Ethel Potterton, Geoffrey Street, Edward Bell, Cyril Fenwick, David Burnett, Alan Woodward, Peter Dowse, Dennis William Dodd, Val Stones and Chum Stones, Frank Cooke, Margaret Warren, Robin Martin, Harold (Mac) Maskell, Audrey Maskell, Roger McNamara, Olga Mann, Nana Lewin, Ada Joslin, Joan Boast, Vera Gilbert, Liz Walters, Fred Walters, Vic Wilkinson, Peg Storr, Evelyn Storr, Jim and Frances Knight, Frederick and Edith Smith, Dorothy Holmes, Albert and Cicely Humphrey, Keith Rowbotham, Lewis Thomas James, Linda Davies, Bill Clift, Raymond Nunn, Mr Lawrence Yallop, Mrs Sybil Reavill, David John White, Walter and Olive Holmes, John Toyne, John Corby, David John Portas, John Stuart Joffree Palin, Michael John Palin, Marc Heywood, Mary Finch, Stuart Cousins, Dougie Bedlow, David Kirk, Steve Dymond, Philip Norman, Peter and Mavis Foster, Lynda Loveley, John Waterfall, Jack, Tom and Ted Hudson, Ronald Brooks, Iris Cross, Andre Staniszewski, Barrie Bushell, Derrick, Wendy and Ian Oates, Ivy Walker, Ronald Paul, Mary Holmes, Ken Turner, Peter James Oliver, Mrs Lucy Danby, Mrs Mary Barker, Jenny Heathcote, Philip Bell (Pip), Barney Barnes, Richard Arthur Fawcett, Pauline Beattie, Joyce Bennett, Alexander Bennett, Adrienne Ann Bark, Diane and Chris Swift, Alex Ian Harrison, Roy Parsons, John Ravenhall, Joyce Boundy, Mavis and Reg Sergeant, Doreen and Nigel Fidling, Anne and Ray Towler, Ken Smith, Garry Kirk, Peg Pickering, Carl Jacklin, George Jacklin, John Sadler, Jane Hinson, Philip George McKessar, Dorothy Baines, Eric Whittaker, Derek Myers, Fred Panton, Gemma Weaver, Sydney and Dorothy Danby, Irene Mary Woods, Anthony Trevor Michael Maidens, Muriel Sutton, Clare Helen Birchall, James and Norah Birchall, Fred and Hilda Schofield, Lynne Michael, Arthur and Ivy Kirk, Cecil Henry Maltby, Wilfred and Lilian Yates, Andrew Clayton, Eve and Bill Pooley, Sheila and Bill Lancashire, Emma Louise Barley, Margaret Eileen Martin, Jean Curtis, Doug Johnson, James, Emma McIsack (nee Dodds), Peter Rowbotham, Doreen and Edwin Speight, Janet Kelsey, Ralph and Emma Kelsey, Donald and Kenneth Kelsey