Litter louts are ‘mindless’ says clean-up man

The litter collected in Horncastle EMN-161202-152904001
The litter collected in Horncastle EMN-161202-152904001

A Horncastle man is calling for a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ to be imposed on litter louts after clearing up a rubbish-=strewn part of the town.

The man, who does not eant to be named, says he pciked he picked up a refuse-bag full of rubbish from the area of Coronational Walk and the banks of the River Bain.

He adds his haul included more than 40 plaastic bottles and an assortment of pizza boxes and takeaway wrappersfrom national companies that do not have an outlet in the town.

The man said: “I believe there should be a zero tolerance to littering in the town and this needs to be given appropriate enforcement by the relevant authority.

“We live in a wonderful town with so many good things. It is a shame that a few mindless individuakls are choosing to spoil it with such thoughless actions.”

The man went on to say the litter was putting wildlife at risk and encouraging vermin.

He added: “Much of it was on the rivwer bank. There are lots of birds in the area and they could be killed.

“I couldn’t believe how much litter there was...and people wonder why we there are so many rats around.”

Although quick not to blame children, the man suggested schools could play their part in combating the problem.

He said: “Perhaps local schools should make pupils aware of the impacts that littering has on the town and environment. An organised hour by a school picking up litter would be a an idea ? T

“The question also has to be asked, who is ultimately responsible for picking up litter ?”

Perhaps you can ask HTC

why so much litter has been left in the Park ?

Horncastle is a wonderful town, with so

many good things, it is a shame that a mindless few choose to spoil it with

such thoughtless actions.