Litter ‘crusader’ calling for fly-tippers to be prosecuted

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-160226-094731001

Horncastle’s mystery anti-litter crusader has struck again - this time to help clear up a problem with fly tipping in the heart of the Wolds.

Two weeks ago, the News revealed how a resident had cleaned up Coronation Walk and the banks of the River Bain.

He picked up a sackful of rubbish and hit out at litter louts who he said were spoiling the image of Horncastle.

Now, he’s reported an incident of flying tipping between Horncastle and Low Toynton.

He praised East Lindsey District Council for their quick response.

The man - who does not want to be named - has urged anyone dropping litter to ‘think again’.

He’s also calling on ELDC to take ‘strong action’ against offenders.

He said: “I was walking from Horncastle to Low Toynton and couldn’t believe it when I saw a load of bin bags at the side of the road.

“Someone must have driven out into the countryside and just dumped them.

“It’s a disgrace. The people responsible should be ashamed of the themselves.”

The man admitted he is worried plans to close some council-run recycling centres could add to the problem of fly tipping.

He said: “If people can’t be bothered to drive to centres that are open now, it’s only going to get worse if they (the councils) shut any.”

The man believes youngsters might be responsible for dumping the litter near Coronation Walk but says adults are probably responsible for the fly tipping.

He added: “We need to start educating people about the damage they are doing by dropping litter.

“It’s not just a blot on the landscape. it’s the danger to local wildlife.”

He went on to praise ELDC, saying: “I reported the fly tipping one day and, fair play to them, it had gone within 24 hours.

“I just hope what the council found (inside the bags) leads to the identification of the offender.”

An ELDC spokesman said: “I can confirm that a report has been received of fly tipping between Horncastle and Low Toynton and the Waste Team are investigating.

“We will take strong action against anyone caught fly tipping in the district as it causes a blight to communities.”