Lincolnshire Young Farmers: ‘Don’t take our livestock market away!’

Louth Cattle Market.
Louth Cattle Market.

Matthew Denby, chairman of Lincolnshire Young Farmers, spoke passionately in defence of Louth’s cattle market at the recent public meeting on the future of the current site.

Mr Denby’s organisation has over 550 members, and he spoke in front of the large audience at Louth Town Hall to explain why he and his members believe the current facility should remain.

He said: “There is absolutely no doubt that our members are the future of farming in Lincolnshire.

“Young people in agriculture already have enough hurdles to jump over without having to travel out of our own county to go to the local livestock market.

“In a survey, 98 per cent of our members say we need a livestock market in Lincolnshire to secure our future careers and businesses.

“Option Two in the consultation (selling off the current cattle market site and not replacing it) simply isn’t an option.”

Mr Denby said that the sums of money involved could be used to transform the current facility into a ‘brilliant Eastern hub’ for food and farming.

He added that it could be expanded for use as a meeting place for the Louth branch of Lincolnshire Young Farmers, and for training and hosting competitions.

He questioned whether he could be assured, by East Lindsey District Council, that the potentially large sums of money involved would be used to put the town’s livestock market ‘on the map’, rather than spent elsewhere.

East Lindsey District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Market Towns and Rural Economy, Councillor Adam Grist, responded that the quoted £700,000 figure, for repairs the current facility, referred to all possible ‘medium to long term’ expenditure.

Coun Grist added that some repairs, such as the roof and some electricals, were ‘fairly essential’.

• The consultation on the future of Louth’s cattle market will end on September 6.

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