Lincolnshire pupils switched on to switching off


The Lincolnshire Schools Switch Off Challenge is taking place on Thursday July 7, and schools around the county are being encouraged to switch off all non-essential lights and electrical items for the day.

The council’s SCoRE team (Schools Collaboration on Resource Efficiency) is inviting local schools to take part in the challenge, which is a fun and easy way to get the whole school involved in reducing its carbon footprint.

Those taking part need to take two meter readings the day before to establish their normal daily consumption, then again on Switch Off day, so the SCoRE team can work out how much each school, and the county as a whole, has saved.

The school that reduces their electricity consumption the most will win a session with Inspiring Outdoors, an education consultant specialising in outdoor education and sustainability. Prizes are also available for the second and third place schools.

Sarah Rouse, SCoRE Project Officer, said: “The Switch Off Challenge is a great way to get pupils thinking about how they use energy and the changes they can make to reduce their consumption both at school and at home.

“Schools that have previously held Switch Off Days have reduced their consumption by up to 58% compared to a normal day.

“This has clear benefits for your school. Utility bills form a significant part of a school’s budget, and, by encouraging everyone to use electricity more wisely, you could help to reduce your school’s energy bills and CO2 emissions in the future.

“So get in touch and get involved.”

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