Lincolnshire Dialect group helps to boost repairs to historic church

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A fundraising campaign has been launched to repair the church where Alfred Lord Tennyson’s father once preached.

St Margaret’s in Somersby is in need of major repair and Lincolnshire dialect group, Far Welter’d, has offered to help.

Around 200 years ago, a four-year old Alfred Tennyson was running around the rectory at Somersby and 37 years later, he was Poet Laureate to Queen Victoria and enjoyed a level of fame comparable with modern day film stars.

The East Lincolnshire Dialect Association, known as Far Welter’d, held their autumn meeting inside Somersby House and raised £550 for St Margaret’s restoration fund. The evening consisted of readings of dialect poetry by Tennyson and Far Welter’d members, as well as clips from a documentary on Tennyson.

There was also a Lincolnshire dialect versions of the word game, ‘Call my Bluff’. The evening ended with a rousing chorus in dialect of ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher’.

Debbie Jenner, the Restoration Fund’s Events Manager, said: “We are so grateful to Far Welter’d for putting this evening together.”

More fundraising events are planned in the coming months.

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