Lady Godiva’s town link - Keith’s happy to reveal all!

Horncastle's new tour guide Keith Sellars with a section of the town's Roman wall in the library
Horncastle's new tour guide Keith Sellars with a section of the town's Roman wall in the library

Did you know that Horncastle used to be the home town of Lady Godiva’s father?

Or, for that matter, were you aware the Post Office used to be a sweet shop and directly behind it was a notorious public house with strong links to the town’s once thriving red light area?

Keith Sellars can reel off any number of interesting facts about his hometown.

And that knowledge is now being put to good use.

Mr Sellars, 72, is working as the town’s first official tour guide.

For years, he’s been showing visitors around the town - and passing on tips and information - on a voluntary basis.

Now, he’s linked up with the Town Council who are determined to tap into the lucrative tourism market and encourage more visitors.

Mr Sellars is the proud owner of a tour guide jacket and he’s gone through various official checks to take up the post.

Already, his efforts are paying off.

He said: “When I’m walking around town, I was always being asked questions about buildings or where a certain street is.

“The other day, I showed some people from the Lake District around - and a group of Americans.

“The Americans were really impressed. They saw sections of our Roman wall and thought it was fabulous.

“There’s a lot about Horncastle people don’t know - even people who have lived here most of their lives.

“Not many people know about Lady Godiva’s father living here, or what the Post Office used to be.”

Mr Sellars, who is a member of the town’s History and Heritage Society, has only lived in Horncastle for 10 years but says he’s picked up information from reading and talking to people.

He added: “I wouldn’t claim to know everything and there’s always something new.

“We get a lot of visitors and if I can help them enjoy their time then hopefully they’ll come back and tell everyone else what an interesting town we have.”

Town clerk Gillian Mauger said the council was delighted to link up with Mr Sellars and was keen to explore new tourism opportunities.

l Anyone wanting to book a tour with Mr Sellars should contact the Town Council office, based at the library.