Ladies go full throttle in biker training day

Track race instructing at Ladies Day
Track race instructing at Ladies Day

Leah gives some coaching tips to one of the riders at the training day

The 17-year-old, who was the first girl to win the 125cc sand racing championship at Mablethorpe, organised a ladies’ only flat track training day to give others the chance to try out new skills.

The day, held at the Rye House Speedway in Essex, sold out almost instantly.

Leah said: “Some of the women had bikes on the road but had never done anything like flat track before and some had never even ridden a motorcycle, so we had a real mixture of abilities.

“We split everyone into four groups of five so an instructor could concentrate on each person more and everyone could have more bike time.

“We started off on mini bikes, which are really easy bikes for learners. They’re Kawasaki 110s and don’t have a clutch, so perfect for learning.”

The session included simple drills aimed at teaching basic body position, throttle control and improving steering and riding style, before participants moved to the full oval on the mini bikes and then onto the big bikes.

Leah added: “As the day progressed everybody improved and had so much fun. You could see all of their smiles beaming through the gaps in their helmets.

“I spent most of the day instructing the ladies on how to ride my big bike and offering tips on the mini bikes. I also did some demonstrations and rode around the track with a few of the ladies showing them the best lines.

“I have felt that a lot of women are put off racing and feel under pressure, so I arranged this day to make it more relaxed. I was really pleased with the success and I hope to organise another one, this time near Alford.”