Joe Beckett is a heeler by day and a spiritual healer by night

Spiritual healer Joe Beckett in his home sanctuary EMN-140714-153443001
Spiritual healer Joe Beckett in his home sanctuary EMN-140714-153443001

Horncastle cobbler Joe Beckett is in his element when it comes to fixing soles, but by night he finds himself working with a different kind of soul.

The 57-year-old works at his shoe repair shop in the Market Place by day, and by night he works as a medium and a healer.

Joe first discovered he had his gift when he was in his 20s and working as a trainee in a shoe repair shop in Kent.

He went to a spiritualist church and the medium told him that he could see spirit.

This was then confirmed by a number of other mediums who said that Joe had a gift as a clairvoyant.

“At first I thought it was something everyone could do,” Joe said. “We are all spiritual in our own way, but as you get older you realise that not everybody can see spirit.

“Over the years I’ve been doing it you notice that you pick up on things that other people may not.”

Joe works as a shoe repairer at Locks & Leather in Horncastle and operates as a medium at his home sanctuary in Billinghay with his wife Lil, who is also a medium.

“The shoe shop is my bread and butter and being a medium is more of a vocation.

“But it’s my passion, it really is a labour of love.”

Joe admits that some are sceptical about the work he does but added that it is not uncommon for people to have spiritual experiences.

“Most people know somebody who has had an experience.

“They might have seen a loved one from the past come back, but they may have never spoken about what happened.

“One or two people don’t believe in it, but there are people who believe in all sorts of things. It’s not for me to judge.”

Joe added that some of the details he can pick up whilst carrying out his healing may appear insignificant at first, but for person being treated the details could be hugely significant.

“It might be a date or an object or something small, and the person will go away and realise how important that actually was.”

For more information on Joe’s medium service visit or call 01507 522007.