It’s the centre of town’s attention

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Horncastle’s Community Centre is going from strength to strength with an estimated 40,000 people passing through its doors last year.

Figures just released show the centre is ‘home’ to 28 town based organisations - ranging for the Luncheon Club and Community Food Larder to a club set for enthusiasts of still life drawing.

The centre, based in Manor House Street, is a non-profit making enterprise run by volunteers trustees.

Up until the 1960s, it was a primary school.

Now, though, it has put the community into Horncastle - and with a capital ‘C’.

Down the years, money has been spent on major improvements with funding coming from grants or big-hearted community efforts.

Community Centre spokesman Bob Wayne said: “The aim has always been to provide facilities for individuals, families and local organisations and I’m proud of what we have achieved.

“I don’t think people realise how many people actually use the centre.

“Two or three years ago, we sat down and counted that 35,000 people must have come through the doors.

“I’ve no doubts whatsoever that figure has increased and it must be close to 40,000 now.”

Trustees are determined not to rest on their laurels and are determined to attract even more visitors and groups.

Next month will mark the opening of a new entrance ramp with self opening doors.

Slightly longer-term, the kitchens - which can supply 50 full meals at each Luncheon Club meeting - will be refurbished.

The centre has a fully stocked bar, a main hall and various meetings rooms.

There are also extensive gardens which Mr Wayne would love to see host weddings and other functions.