It’s Tanzania here we come for QEGS’ duo

QEGS pupils Leah Baines-Parkinson (left) and Jess Short EMN-151029-150013001
QEGS pupils Leah Baines-Parkinson (left) and Jess Short EMN-151029-150013001

Two students from Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Horncastle are looking to raise £3,000 to fund a work experience trip to Tanzania.

Leah Baines-Parkinson and Jess Short, both aged 17, plan to spend a week working in a hospital next March.

Leah, from Tattershall, and Jess, who lives in Woodhall Spa, have set their sights on medical careers.

Leah wants to be a midwife and Jess hopes to specialise in child nursing.

They say the trip - part of the Gap Medics programme - will provide them with valuable experience.

The duo admit they know very little about conditions in Tanzania but are excited by the prospect of spending time in the East African country.

Leah said: “We’ll be shadowing doctors in a regional hospital in the Morogoro region.

“The experience will allow us to gain a deeper insight into our chosen career - and help us to understand the differences in health care provision around the globe.”

In their free-time, the pair plan to learn about life in Tanzania.

Jess said: “We should also have the opportunity to spend some evenings volunteering at the local orphanage - giving something back to the local community.”

Leah and Jess have already launched their fund-raising efforts with a series of raffles. They plan other events over the coming months.

Leah explained: “The trip is next March so it doesn’t give us a lot of time but we’ve already had a lot of support from our families, from the school and from the local business community.

“We made the decision to go to Tanzania quite late in the day but we’re determined to raise the money which will cover our travelling costs and accommodation.

“Anything over and above the £3,000 will go to the orphanage.”

The trip should fit in well with the pair’s all-important A-levels.

They will their exams next June - just a few weeks after they return.

Jess added: “It’s going to be a busy time and I’m sure we’ll be taking our revision with but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and the experience should help with our university applications.”

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