It’s not just Wheels 2 Work in West Ashby!

Wheels 2 Work
Wheels 2 Work

A local social enterprise scheme which helps make getting to work and education more accessible has expanded its programme to offer 
important vehicle training.

Wheels 2 Work, which has its headquarters based in West Ashby, is a programme to help people who struggle to find suitable transport get to work, education or training.

The scheme, working closely with Lincolnshire County Council, has been up and running for seven years. During that time serving hundreds of people across Lincolnshire and even upgrading its fleet of bikes.

Now, co-ordinator Chris Jones has announced that the services offered by the enterprise have expanded.

He said: “Because we are a not for profit social enterprise, the bike hire has to be affordable for people who are just starting work.

“We have to find income generating opportunites to be able to continue to help people - so we created a motorcycle training area and we can now deliver our own training to people.

“We’ve recently updated that so we not only offer compulsory basic training but also direct access training for other motorcycle types.

“We are able to deliver the full package, including trailer training, which generates income to put back into the scheme.”

Mr Jones said that this enables Wheels2Work to offer a higher quality service - including better bikes.

Chris said: “We have 104 motorcycles out on the road currently, which are all new Hondas and very well made and reliable.

“Another way we put money back and ensure our participants are safe on the road at the same time is through the shop we have on site.

“Safety is paramount to us, so getting riders kitted out for a subsidised fee is important.

Mr Jones is also known for the ‘Build-A-Future’ scheme, which helps teach young people outside of education skills to take to the workplace.

The scheme ran for 17 years before the contract concluded, but it is in the process of being brought back up and running.