It’s bloomin’ lovely in Woodhall Spa - even if it is a bit late this year

Marylin Fern with her amazing daffodil
Marylin Fern with her amazing daffodil

Marylin Fenn is confused.

Mind you, she’s not half as confused as the brave daffodil that has just popped its head above the ground in her front garden.

Mrs Fenn, who lives in Woodhall Spa, isn’t so sure whether she should class it as the first daffodil of the season - or the last daffodil of the year.

She said: “I’m not much of a gardener but even I know it’s very late in the year for a daffodil to come out.

“I’ve mentioned it to two or three other people and they can’t believe it.

“They’re a Spring bulb so what this one is doing out now I’ll never know.”

The daffodil appeared as if by magic last week.

It even survived a couple of very hard ground frosts.

Mrs Fenn added: “It looks so lonely, I actually feel a bit sorry for it.

“I don’t know how long it will last with the cold weather .”

Mrs Fenn says she had a display of colourful daffodils in the summer and the flower must be part of that.

Meanwhile, it appears her very special flower isn’t the only plant that has lost track of the time.

Another reader contacted the News to say snowdrops had started to appear at a garden in her parent’s garden in Thornham.