Is town boring - or beautiful?

West Street in Horncastle EMN-151219-131248001
West Street in Horncastle EMN-151219-131248001
  • Survey shows residents are divided on Horncastle but there are calls for improvements

Residents living in Horncastle can’t seem to decide whether their town is boring or beautiful.

More than 240 people took part in a survey set up by the town council to discover what residents and visitors really think about the town.

Results show 21 per cent think the town is boring - and 21 per cent think it is beautiful.

The survey also attracted a range of comments - some praising the town and others calling for major changes and improvements.

One person said: “Unfortunately, Horncastle is looking a little down at heal at the moment.

“The streets are often filthy and the pavements are in a poor state of repair in some areas.”

At the other end of the scale, another person said “I don’t want Horncastle to change in any’s so quaint.”

The survey also asked whether ‘Horncastle meets yours and your families needs’.

Only eight people (3%) answered ‘extremely well’ with 52 people (21%) saying ‘very well’ and 78 people (31%) ‘somewhat well’.

Six people people (2%) answered ‘not at all well’.

People were also asked what events they would like to see staged in the town.

There were calls for a bigger antiques fair, a cycle race, a cinema, a professional theatre, a gala and more opportunities for local bands.

However, only 46 people (18%) said they were willing to volunteer to help at events while 116 people (46%) said they ‘would not be available’.

Most people (41%) wanted to see improvements to car parking, while 40% wanted to see more employment opportunities.

There were also calls for improvements to youth activities (36%), festivals and events (38%) and business expansion (28%).

The standard of tourist accommodation and food and restaurants came out well.

Only 15% wanted to see improvements to food and restaurants and 12% to tourist accommodation.

There were calls for action to be taken against the number of pigeons in the town centre, with some demanding a cull of what they described as ‘flying rats’.

There were also claims that the town has too many antique shops.

Town councillors will discuss feedback from the survey at next month’s meeting.

They have set up a committee - which includes businessman Ben Smith who conducted the survey - to decide how the town can market itself better, including more use of social media.

Town and county councillor Bill Aron said the results were ‘thought provoking.’